Ways To Ease The Worries

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By Mukta Chaudhary on 24 Aug 2012 |
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Ways To Ease The Worries

Avoid trying self medication with herbs. Various negative side effects, like excessive sedation, have been reported with combinations of different drugs and herbs. Withdrawing yourself from long-term use of Anti-anxiety drugs or Antidepressant drugs on your own can lead to double trouble.

It can be very dangerous. If you are currently using anxiety drugs, you must work with an experienced physician if you want to switch to natural remedies or combine them with drugs.

The following strategies may help you to keep anxiety or worries at bay.

1. Try to Avoid Stimulants- Various trivial stimulants can raise the level of anxiety by activating the adrenal glands. The use of these stimulants on a regular base can contribute to adrenal exhaustion.

These drugs include caffeine as well as the herbs Guarana and Kola Nut are also rich in caffeine. Another stimulant herb Ephedra can also fiercely increase Anxiety.

2. Improve your Diet and Nutrition- Anxiety has also been associated with the deficiencies of certain vitamins and minerals. These include the Vitamins B, Vitamin C and E, Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorous, Potassium, Selenium, and essential fatty acids.

Chronic anxiety’s stress may increase your need for these nutrients. Consider consulting a nutritionist to check deficiencies, especially if your diet hasn’t been the greatest.

3. Work It All Out- One of the finest anxiety management techniques is Exercise. It can stimulate the brain to generate its own soothing chemicals. Anxiety prepares the body for physical exertion, exercise may help to deplete all those stress hormones in the most appropriate way.

Although any physical activity can be effectual, but aerobic activities such as walking quickly, running, bicycling, or any exercise that gets the heart rate up for a sustained period of time- has additional benefits.

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