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Criminal Lawyers in Delhi

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Top Criminal Lawyers in Delhi

Phone No
Advocate Aakash D Pratap
Nehru Place
916, Devika Tower, 6, Nehru Place, Delhi
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Advocate A Subhashini
Gautam Nagar
C 41, Niti Bagh, Gautam Nagar, Delhi
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Criminal Lawyers, Family Lawyers, Cheque Bounce Lawyers, Labour And Service Lawyers, Consumer Court Lawyers, Motor Accident Lawyers
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Advocate Surender Kumar Sharma
306, Lsc Aggarwal Tower, Cu Block, Near Income Tax Colony, Pitampura, Delhi
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Singh and Singh Partners
Vikas Marg
401, Laxman Place, 19, Veer Swarkar Block, Madhuban Road, Vikas Marg, Delhi
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Criminal Lawyers, Divorce Lawyers, Corporate Lawyers, Attorney, Solicitors, Lawyers
VK Goel and Associates
Tis Hazari
120 Civil Wing, Tis Hazari Court, Pin Code: 110054, Delhi
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Criminal Lawyers, Civil Lawyers, Lawyers, Solicitors, Attorney, VK Goel and Associates
Advocate Akhilesh Vikram Shukla
Tis Hazari
Church No 734 Western Wing, Tis Hazari Court, Delhi
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Criminal Lawyers, Criminal Law Practice, Senior Advocates, Advocate Akhilesh Vikram Shukla, Advocates
Abhishek Bhalla Advocate
Mansarover Garden
D-129, Mansarover Garden, Delhi
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Criminal Lawyers, Family Lawyers, Cheque Bounce Lawyers, Labour And Service Lawyers, Consumer Court Lawyers, Motor Accident Lawyers
Advocate Monika Chakravarti
Tis Hazari
31, Western Wing, Tis Hazari, Delhi
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Criminal Lawyers, Criminal Law Practice, Advocate Monika Chakravarti, Advocates
Soni and Associates
Tis Hazari
116, PS Rathi Block, Near Tehsil Building, Tis Hazari Courts, Pin Code: 110054, Delhi
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Criminal Lawyers, Soni and Associates
Aain Chambers and Solicitors
D-15, Ground Floor, Near Eros Cinemas, Jangpura, Delhi
Sewa Legal Services
Janak Puri
503 C, Jaina Tower 2, District Centre, Delhi
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Criminal Lawyers, Corporate Lawyers, Sewa Legal Services, Consultants, Law Firms, Civil Lawyers
Advocate A Raghuvir
Vasant Kunj
Flat No 2329, Pocket-II, Sector-C, Vasnat Kunj, Delhi
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Criminal Lawyers, Advocate A Raghuvir, Divorce Legal Advice, Property Legal Advice, Criminal Legal Advice, Labour Legal Advice
Advocate Pramod Kapur
Chamber No 855, Lawyers Chamber Block, District Court Complex, Sector-10, Pin Code-110075, Delhi
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Criminal Lawyers, Civil Lawyers, Advocate Pramod Kapur, Matrimonial Lawyers
Advocate Richa Kapoor
Lajpat Nagar
D-1st-168, Lajpat Nagar, Delhi
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Criminal Lawyers, Advocate Richa Kapoor
Advocate VP Chaudhary
4844-24, Ansari Road, Daryaganj, Delhi
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Criminal Lawyers, Advocate VP Chaudhary
Advocate B Kanta Rao
Neb Sarai
Plot No B-123A, Freedom Fighters Enclave, Neb Sarai, Delhi
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Criminal Lawyers, Advocate B Kanta Rao
Advocate A Rajendran
Mayur Vihar
C-50, Shashi Garden, Mayur Vihar Phase-1, Delhi
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Criminal Lawyers, Advocate A Rajendran, Divorce Legal Advice, Property Legal Advice, Criminal Legal Advice, Labour Legal Advice
Advocate Vinod Kumar Bidhuari
Friends Colony
B-46-47, Friends Colony West, Delhi
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Advocate A Raghunath
Mayur Vihar
81, Supreme Enclave, Mayur Vihar Phase 1, Delhi
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Criminal Lawyers, Advocate A Raghunath, Property Legal Advice, Labour Legal Advice, Recovery Legal Advice, Corporate Legal Advice
Advocate A Radhakrishnan
Mayur Vihar
Flat No 80, Tower No 13, Supreme Enclave, Mayur Vihar-1, Delhi
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Criminal Lawyers, Advocate A Radhakrishnan, Recovery Legal Advice, Corporate Legal Advice, Consumer Legal Advice, Cheque Bounce Legal Advice
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Reviews of Criminal Lawyers in Delhi

Criminal Lawyers in Delhi
Average Rating - 4.5
( 2 Reviews)
Singh and Singh Partners in Delhi has reviewed by Sudhinsha Kapoor

November, 14th 2018

Singh and Singh partners are the best criminal lawyers in Delhi Area. Best ideas to tackle the Criminal cases.

Advocate A K Bajpai in Delhi has reviewed by Deepak Rana

November, 16th 2018

Your efforts towards my case were amazing. Will recommend you to everyone.

Advocate Vivek Chandra in Delhi has reviewed by Parth

November, 26th 2018

He is simply the best Advocate I have ever come across in my life. He is very professional and dedicated toward his work and his remarkable effort made me free. A big thanks to him.

Advocate Surinder Adwakha in Delhi has reviewed by Gaurav sharma

December, 04th 2018

My case was handled very smartly and fatefully as it was a very complicated one. Very well managed everything. Thank you very much.

Advocate Naveen Sharma in Delhi has reviewed by Paras Dogra

December, 11th 2018

I must say you are one of the best Criminal Lawyer in Delhi Naveen sir and thank you so much for your help.

Advocate Abhinav Vasisht in Delhi has reviewed by Paras Kashyap

December, 15th 2018

Thanks a lot Advocate Abhinav ji you are the best advocate. i highly recommend him !!!!

Advocate Himal Akhtar in Delhi has reviewed by Danish

February, 06th 2019

Thank you So much Advocate Himal Ji. You are just amazing, your efforts towards my case made me a win the false case filed against me. I am grateful to you. I would highly recommend him to everyone!!

R K Anand in Delhi has reviewed by Robert

June, 05th 2019

Mr. RK Anand is fantastic and knows the FCA inside out in terms of processes. He’s very clever and exactly the person you want in your corner in a very technical City case. He is fantastic with clients and has huge gravitas. He sees the big picture of a case very quickly and doesn’t just focus on the detail.

Advocate A Raghuvir in Delhi has reviewed by Nitesh Aggarwal

June, 05th 2019

Offers an excellent client focused service. He is willing to roll up his sleeves and get stuck into the most difficult problems, and he always provides solid, tactical and commercial advice.

Criminal Lawyers - Delhi

An individual who practices law as a paraprofessional, advocate, professional or counselor is known as a professional Advocate/Lawyer. The laws and segments under Indian correctional code frame the center of the Indian legal framework. The court cases heard in each of the three courts in India are of two kinds, in particular, common and criminal. Advocates that concentrate on active legal code represent criminal cases on behalf of their clients. You may notice criminal attorneys as a vicinity of an outsized business firm or one who runs his/her own standalone business firm. Choose a reliable professional to fight or defend your case supported factors like years of experiences, triple-crown record and in-depth data of the laws. These advocates might assist you to defend or fight against criminal offenses like stealing, rape, murder, cheating, forgery, and house-trespassing. To search out one from a massive list of Lawyers for Criminal in Delhi, please scroll the page above.

Get a skilled legal recommendation for all legal code matters from criminal lawyers in Delhi!
A criminal lawyer defends someone has been charged with a criminal offense. A criminal professional person speaks on behalf of his/her client. Either the litigator or the court might assign the case to a Lawyer/Advocate. Loads of them are public defenders, appointed by the general public defender's workplace. Also, several non-public corporations square measure better-known to hire criminal defense lawyers too. There square measure skilled criminal lawyers in the city are taking part in a crucial role by serving to their purchasers gift their case or gift a defense to their clients.

What benefits I will get if I will hire a professional Lawyer or an Advocate for my legal Cases?
Hiring an expert will facilitate multiple ways. they need ample coaching to analyze cases and items of proof for errors, weaknesses and potential criminal defense methods, that they will use for reduction of charges, case dismissal or preventing a case from being filed. The recommendation of Associate in Nursing practiced counsel proves useful for the subsequent reasons.

1. Professionally evaluates the Criminal Charges and proof.
2. Stop charges before they're even filed.
3. Recommends Associate in nursing applicable defense strategy.
4. Negotiates a plea bargaining.
5. Helps with the emotional aspects of trials.
6. Provides Associate in nursing objective insight into however the method works.
7. Creates awareness on laws and legal rules that apply to the actual case
8. Represents the case within the court.
9. Understands, however, "prosecutorial discretion" affects the particular criminal case.
10. Compiles proof and witness statements that area unit crucial to the case.
11. Hires non-public investigators.
12. Identifies key knowledgeable witnesses.
13. Advises and negotiates the most effective sentencing /alternative sentencing choices.
14. Explains and identifies any hidden consequences of a guilty plea.

How do I know if I need a Criminal Lawyer?
When you are charged with any serious crime case then you should often consult with a Criminal Advocates so that he/she can represent your case in front of a judge, advise you on how to proceed and save you from being guilty.

How much does a Criminal Lawyer Charge?
Criminal Advocate’s charges will vary depending on the severity of the charges and where you live, so be sure to negotiate a rate up front. It is important that you know how fees work within the law firm that you hire. If a law firm is charging you a very less fee, you should investigate the experience of that law firm and also talk to their former client about their cases and success rates. On the other hand, just because a law firm is the most expensive does not mean that they are the most qualified to take on your case. To compare fees before hiring and after hiring take proper notice in writing.

How a criminal lawyer can encourage you?
Notwithstanding interviewing observers, criminal lawyers may likewise Work out a particular condemning project in a way that would keep you off from slowing down up in the criminal equity framework. They arrange an arrangement with the examiner in order to decrease your sentence or possibly remove a few or every criminal allegation against you. Additionally, they can furnish you with a rude awakening and help you defeat the sentiments of shame, dread, discouragement and low confidence. They can offer you experiences into how things would go before later on it is simple for them to Identify noteworthy principles and controls about criminal arraignments. They can bring up the numerous unwritten tenets that must be obeyed and pursued close by the composed standards. Provide clear clarification on certain concealed costs that join confessing? Have the capacity to offer additional time and exertion on your case than you, had you spoken to yourself. Accumulate observers, bits of proof and articulations effectively the same number of decline to give proclamations to individuals associated with wrongdoing yet feel great conversing with a lawyer. Contract observers who might have the capacity to give proof to demonstrate your honesty consequently putting forth the defense of the arraignment less tenable.

What should I check before hiring Criminal Lawyer?
•Read reviews and testimonials from former clients.
•Check attorney ratings on
•Check his experience.

Who is the best Criminal Lawyer in Delhi nearby me?
Your hunt ends here whatever be the legal need, Get Solid advice in Delhi from the Top lawyers. Consult with Property lawyers, Family lawyers, Civil lawyers, Criminal lawyers, Divorce Lawyers, Cheque bounce or debt recovery lawyers, Tax or corporate lawyers. Just select the city and locate the Best Indian Lawyers. Following are some of the top Criminal Lawyer in Delhi:
1. Advocate A.k Bajpai.
2. Advocate Shirish Aggarwal.
3. Advocate Amit Sharma.
4. Advocate Himal Akthar.
5. Advocate Reena Bagga.

You can seek criminal Lawyers in Delhi based on your area, customer's reviews and ratings on Grotal. Channel and refine the list items to discover legal counselors in and around your neighborhoods. Select at least one posting and don't hesitate to check their location and contact points of interest. There is no clear rate charged by criminal legal counselors. The conference charge, for the most part, changes starting with one attorney then onto the next. Much of the time, law offices are found to charge in excess of an independent rehearsing attorney. The expenses charged rely upon various variables, which are long stretches of legitimate involvement, a rank of the supporter, size of training (Sessions Court, High Court or Supreme Court) and kind of case, its intricacy and stakes among others.

Criminal Lawyers in Popular Cities