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Art and Festivity Allahabad

Allahabad is the hub of many religions. Colorful markets, temples, sadhus, rickshaw pullers and the life resembles to the simplicity untouched by the mad rush of the metropolis. Needless to mention that the festivals are celebrated here with enormous joy and fervor and one can feel  the true Indian color in Allahabad.

Kumbh Mela: Allahabad is one of the places where Kumbh Mela is held after 12 years. It is also termed as "the world's most massive act of faith".  Pilgrims gather here in massive numbers to take bath in Sangam. 

Ardh Kumbh:
The Ardh Kumbh (The half Kumbh) is held once every six years on the banks of the Sangam.

Dussehra: Dussehra time in Allahabad is an experience, unmatched by any other in the rest of northern India. During this period, in the evening and at night, beautifully decorated tableau are taken out from different localities depicting various scenes from Indian mythology.

Maghi Mela:
Other fairs include the Magh Mela, which is celebrated in the month of February.

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