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Guru Gobind Singh Library Ambala City

Guru Gobind Singh Library in Ambala City is perhaps one of the oldest Libraries in the region. The building which houses the library has a grand exterior which is reminiscent of the Raj era. Incidentally, the library was renamed as Guru gobind Singh library after India gained Independence. In the pre-Partition days, it was a public library.

The impressive library building is said to have been constructed in the late 1980s. The architecture has Mughal-style with a regal entrance and beautiful patterns of windows. The building was built as a place of stay for English officers. It is said that officers who were headed for distant places, used to stop over at this building. At the turn of the last century, a club was set up in a portion of the building. The club was named Victoria Memorial Club.

The main hall of the building is the reading room while there are adjoining rooms also. the reading room is spacious with high ceiling. The room is cool and pleasant during summer months. The building was converted into a public library in mid 1920s by the then Deputy Commissioner Mr. H Fyson. In 1949, chief minister of undivided Punjab Mr. Gopi Chand Bhargava inaugurated Guru Gobind Singh library.

Before inauguration of Guru Gobind Singh library, work was carried out to improve upon the building. Alsom a painting by well known Artist Sobha Singh was put up in the main hall. The painting is of Guru Gobind Singh. It has been painted in such a manner that it lloks life-like.

The library today houses a large number of books in different languages. A number of local residents are frequent visitors to the library.

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