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Cuisine Amritsar

If traveling is more of a mission to try new foods, then Amritsar is and obvious choice for all travelers., Amritsar cuisine is a perfect blend of traditional and contemporary food palates. The food is simple, sizeable and hearty with no necessary frills or exotic accompaniments.


Who doesn’t love good, wholesome Punjabi fare? The bazaars of Amritsar are loaded with dhabas, that mostly serve Indian vegetarian and non vegetarian delights. Hearty meats and curries, finger-licking tandoori fare, delectable sweets and heavy duty lassis. Makki ki Roti, Sarson da Saag and the Amritsari laddoo, are a few popular treats of the region Amritsar offers a wide range of eating out experiences The breakfast is a fulfilling plate of Channa-puri from Kanha Sweets, and a glass of sweet lassi, topped with lots of froth. For lunch, go no far for the vegetarian thali and dal loaded with desi ghee at Kesar da Dhaba, or the Bhijje Kulche at Pappi di Hatti,a simple dish famous with the local. You can finish with Gur ka Halwa at Kanha Sweets or firni at Ahuja Sweets.

The gulab Jamun and Jalebi prepared in pure desi ghee are a hit with the Amritsaris and are served hot at Sharma Sweets . Head out for an evening meal at the crowded Bhrawan da Dhaba in town hall, the ritual halt after paying your respects at the Darbara Sahib. In Amritsar the dinner is equally elaborate with mutton tikka at Parkash Meat Shop or the famous Lawrence-road-de tawe-de-tikke.,with their secret masala in their mutton, served with naan smothered in butter, or the tandoori chicken from Beera at Majitha Road.

The sumptuous meals of Amritsar are cooked with fresh spices, making the experience unforgettable. Dessert it with the famous fruit cream or Kesar kulfi at Durga Ice cream. End your culinary tour with a hot favourite, Kundan’s famous Kesar-Piste-wali-lassi-pedhe-de-naal- buttermilk flavoured with saffron and laced with a pistachio-encrusted pedha, homemade while butter floating on the froth. If you are lucky enough to stay at Mrs Bhandari’s Guest House, you can get home cooked food, though with only a few local dishes.

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The City has the best dishes in the world.
Kesar di Daal is best