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Culture Bhopal

Bhopal City is the Capital of Madhya Pradesh. Bhopal is a city where its citizens give importance to exquisite culture and manners. The city is famous for its culture of parda (veil for women), zarda (tobacco plant), garda and namarda (eunuch). Every celebration in bhopal considered incomplete without Eunuchs. Eunuchs form an integral part of bhopali culture. Bhopal is also called the city of lakes.

LANGUAGES: There are many popular and spoken languages in bhopal, but the most widely spoken language is Hindi. But Urdu, Gujarati, Marathi and Sindhi are also common.

CUISINES: Bhopal Cuisine includes some delicious vegetarian dishes but because of long muslim rule in the region, bhopal cuisine has been gifted with a variety of spicy meat dishes. Poha and Jalebi are very popular in bhopal, Poha (made of rice). All types of food and restaurant you will find in bhopal. Bhopali Paan of bhopal, mildly Intoxicating and a good digestive. The most popular dishes in bhopal cuisine in vegetarian and non vegetarian are :

Chaat and Thali
Spicy Achar Gost
Rogan Josh
Biryani Pilaf
Shami Kebab.

Festivals: Except Diwali, Dushera, Navaratri, the other famous festivals of bhopal are:

IJITMA: Ijtima is the popular religious festivals of muslims celebrated in bhopal for three days. Muslim as well as non muslim pilgrims come from all the regions of India in bhopal.

NATIONAL DRAMA FESTIVAL: National drama festival is one of the famous festivals celebrated for seven days in september dragging lots of poets, artists and dramatists to bhopal. Talented actors plays various drama and plays acts are performed on this festival. In this festival various cultural, folk dances, songs and dramas are performed by the groups.

LOKRANG: On the occasion of republic day in bhopal the people celebrated a traditional festival lokrang. This festival is organized for five days for the tribal and folk programs, cultural activities and performing arts.

DHARUPAD SAMAROH: Dhrupad Samaroh festival is one of the major festival. Dhrupad Samaroh is celebrated with great fun and enthusiasm. Large numbers of people come to enjoy the outstanding vocal and music performances by the well renowned artists. Across the world the adorer come to enjoy the festival of classical music and songs.

BHARAT BHAVAN SUMMER FESTIVAL: Bharat Bhawan Summer Festival has high recognition and acceptance in bhopal and it is celebrated with great enthusiasm and fervor. The bharat bhawan summer festival is organized each and every year at bharat bhawan where various drama troupes, poem concerts, classical performances, traditional music and songs, folk dance and presentation of art paintings are displayed in the festival.

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