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Markets and Malls Chandigarh

Not too many, but there a few malls which are perfect to walk around on a sunny day, when you can’t be out in the sun.One can't say much about these Shopping Malls in Chandigarh, but they definitely need revamping. The Fun Republic Mall, the DT Mall and the Centra Mall are the known ones. The others are Bella Vista and Shalimar Mall which are not too crowded as they have opened pretty recently. But as Chandigarh has its own shopping plaza in Sector 17, only a small number crowds these malls. If not for fashion, these malls still make an agreeable choice for its food courts. You can catch the latest flick in Hindi and English in these theatres around the town. These big chains offer home deliveries for the tickets. It’s the local bazaars of the city that are brimming with people. Because here one can get all kinds of stuff, from clothes to shoes to kitchen ware as some think that the malls area total waste of time.


The flea markets of sector 19 and 22, commonly known as the Shastri Market, hardly ever take a break from the shopping scene.


Festivals like Karwa Chauth and Diwali get these shopkeepers good trade. The bazaars are swarming with mehandiwalas trying to win customers, and ladies trying to get a bargain. An array of fashionable Accessories in Chandigarh is piled high in markets.


Look for the tip-turned jootis, the colorful Punjabi dupattas, the jams and juices of Himachal Pradesh. And who can overlook the gold shops of Shastri Market that catch the attention of new India’s dominating sex. You should see how these ladies rush into a jewellery shop the moment they spot one.


The ladies must surely be thankful to The French architect for putting the two shopping boxes close to each other. Where sector 17 plaza has high end stuff, the Shastri market offers economical buys. But it would be unfair if the other end of sector 22 remains unmentioned. This market is just opposite to the Sector 17 Bus Stand. Also known as the electronic market, it keeps everything from chargers to laptops or the newest of digital cams. Don’t forget to take a quick look into the underground market, hidden between the big brand shops. Here you will find a duplicate of all electronics in the outside market. Despite all this in Chandigarh with all the fascinating contrasts, there is a set of people who  think the city has a capacity to have high rise buildings which would definitely add to the beauty.

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