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Fast Facts Hyderabad

STATE Andhra Pradesh.

LOCATION It is located on the top of the Deccan Plateau, 1776ft., above sea level, and sprawls over an area of 100 Sq. miles. Hyderabad is situated at an altitude of 500 mtrs. and almost in middle of India.

ROUTES There are different routes to Hyderabad.  From Jaipur  via Kota-Bhopal-Betul-Nagpur-Adilabad is 1411 km.

LANGUAGES The Hyderdabad have a blend of people speaking Telugu and Urdu. They also know Hindi and English.

AREA Hyderabad is the fifth largest city in  India but the smallest district in Andhra Pradesh and the densest one in the whole state. There are no forests in this area. The area occupied by  Hyderabad is  240 sq.m(621.48 km2).  And according to the Hyderabad Master Plan 2020 the city will expand  from 1,864 sq km to over 2,000 sq km.

POPULATION The population of Hyderabad was 31,45,939 in 1991 and has grown to 38,29,753 in 2001. While the proportion of Hindus to the total population has come down from 57.68 to 55.40, in respect of Muslims it has increased from 39.35 to 41.17 during this period.

LITERACY RATE In 1991, The literacy rate in Hyderabad was 71.52%  persons and the literacy rate in females was 78.9% and in males was 63.56%. Literacy rate has increased according to the 2001 census i.e.79.04%  and in females is 84.11% and in males 73.67%.
The total number of literates is 2,564,526 and the total in females is 1,403,346 and in males is 1,161,180.

SEX RATIO According to 2001 census, Hyderabad has the lowest sex ratio  in the state. The sex ratio in Hyderabad is 933 females  per 1000 males.  The sex ratio among children in the 0-6 age group in the state has declined  from 976/1000 in 1991 to 961/1000 in 2001.

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