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Famous Places To See In Indore

In Indore plenty of areas should be visited while on a tour of the city. Indore has a rich cultural tradition. Indore is well known for its historical monuments and religious places as well.

BIJASEN TEKRI Built in 1920, Bijasen Tekri is a little temple of Bijasen Mata situated on top of hill. The distance of the temple from railway station is approximate 9 Km and two minute drive from airport. The hill presents an charming view of the sunset.

CHOKHI DHANI Rajasthani tradition resorts are Chokhi Dhani and Nakhrali Dhani are situated on the border of Indore. These resorts provide the presence of Rajasthani village. The villages give the exact atmosphere of the village,as well as modern facilities and entertainment.

CHHATRIS Architecture was the main skill of the Maratha Rulers. Chattris is the perfect example of their architectural style. These chhattris are made in the recognition of the Holkar rulers. The monuments are manufactured in soil and have stood in test of time.

RAJWADA Rajwada in Indore is good place for history lovers. This seven story construction is called the heart of Indore City. This historical place served the center for commercial activities in the city for many years

LAL BAAG PALACE comes under the most amazing buildings in Indore. It is situated on the border of town facing southwest. It is a three storey building situated on the bank of the River Khan. In 1886- 1921 Maharaja Shivaji Rao Holkar made this palace.

CENTRAL MUSEUM is also recognize Indore Museum, is one of the most fascinating building in Indore. It is gift for the history lovers of India as they witness the rich civilization that flourished here during pre historic era.

BADA GANPATI provide a charming view for tourist along with the pilgrims. Bada Ganpati which dimension 25 feet from crown to foot is an idol of Lord Ganesha. Bada Ganpati is the largest in the world and main attractiveness of Indore.

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