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Places To See In Jaipur

HAWA MAHAL or the Palace of Winds is the major and sensational landmark of Jaipur, Constructed in 1799. This five stories building with 953 stoned windows, is a beautiful example of Rajput artistry, was originally built to enable the women of the royal household to watch the everyday life and processions of the city.

AMBER FORT exists now as the handiwork of three of the kingdom's rulers that include Man Singh, and Jai Singh I and II. Amber Fort is located atop a hill overlooking the Maota Lake. It has a number of halls, beautiful palaces, gardens, and temples. The elaborate mirror work inside is an example of the Rajput craftsmanship.

The CITY PALACE is a blend of both Rajasthani and Mughal architecture. Once it was the residence of the royal family. It has a huge complex of courtyards and gardens, art gallery, museum, interesting display of old Indian weapons, artifacts and royal costumes. The Peacock Gate of the palace has a wonderful display of excellent craftsmanship featuring bright peacocks.

JANTAR AMNTAR OBSERVATORY Jantar Mantar, built between 1727 and 1734, has 14 structures which measure time, predict eclipses, and track stars. The Samrat Yantra is the most impressive.

GOVERNMENT MUSEUM This Museum is based on the model of Victoria and Albert Museum of London. Museum has collection of woodcarvings,Paintings,Costumes and few paintings of local kings.

GALTA MONKEY TEMPLE This is a decaying holy Hindu temple, ensconced between two granite cliffs. Reaching the place is a bit tough but the calm environment makes it worth the effort. One of the pools of the temple has been taken over completely by monkeys that enjoy splashing around in the waters.

RAM NIWAS BAGH It is built by Sawai Ram Singh II as a famine relief project in 1868 AD. It has spacious garden with zoo. Museum has its own sports ground, an aviary, a greenhouse and herbarium.

KANAK VALLEY Garden inside the valley is believed to be an imitation of mythical Vrindavan garden associated with Lord Krishna. Garden is decorated with beautiful landscapes.

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