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Places To See Karnal


The height of this tower is 35 meters, which can be seen from a distance of several kilometers.This tower is enclave with a large ornamental cross.The church itself named after St. James, was dismantled with the shifting of the Cantonment to Ambala in 1841 A.D.


This tomb is located outside the town.This grave is made up of marbles and is designed with the finest sculpture.In the memory of Bo-Ali-Qualander Shah, a famous Muslim Savant and Sage, this tomb was build. This tomb was built by Ghias-ud-din the king of Delhi at that time.Within the enclosure are mosque and a reservoir with fountains built by Emperor Alamgir and outside a Kettle Drum balcony.


This was built in the memory of Sayad Mohd alias Miran Sahib a famous saint who died in 899 A.D.Sayad Mohd rescued a Brahmin girl from the hand of a Raja. The tomb is situated towards the extreme south of the town and alongside it stand a small mosque and a cemetery of many members of the Mandal family.

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