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Places To See Ludhiana

Ludhiana is a place named after Lodhis, so let’s start from Lodhi Fort only.

LODHI FORT Sikander Lodhi constructed this Fort 500 years before along the banks of the river Satluj and after bearing great ruins and deadly racks, the Fort still managed to survive.

PHILLAUR FORT Located in Ludhiana, the splendid architecture of Phillaur Fort was the brainchild of Dewan Mohkam Chand and built by a dexterous Italian engineer. Phillaur Fort, a majestic citadel guarding the town from possible invasions and attracts recounts the wonderful narratives of the glorious martial history of the brave and gallant Sikh warriors.

PAU Look at the word PAU, it has been cut down from ‘Punjab Agricultural University’ to just PAU. Half of the population may also not even know that PAU is the ‘Punjab Agricultural University’. PAU, founded in 1962 is situated in the outskirts of the city even then it is considered to be within Ludhiana. The university campus is spread over an area of 1510 acres and has approximately 4615 acres of land on outlying different regional stations, research substations and seed farms located under 6 different agro-climatic zones of the state. The university has one Open air theatre for holding cultural activities and a students' home for the conduct of miscellaneous extracurricular activities.

CMC People often call it as CMC that is ‘Christian Medical College’ . This college has a partnership with CMC in Vellore. Both these colleges together form one of the South Asia`s major teaching and research hospitals.

HARDY's WORLD Hardy’s world is located at 7 kms from the main city. It is the best amusement park that attracts lots of tourist not only from the city but also from the other places near the city. It best location for theme parties. The joy rides and shopping complex are the main entertainment sources of park that attracts people of all age groups.

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