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Fast Facts Meerut

STATE: Uttar Pradesh

STD CODE: +0121

LOCATION: Geographical location of the Meerut is 28.99°N 77.70°E.
AREA: Area covered by Meerut is 172 sq km

POPULATION: The total population of the Meerut is 3,447,405 and the density is 1,347/km2 (3,490/sq mi)

LITERCAY RATE: Literacy rate of Meerut is 74.80%. Male literacy is 82.91%,female literacy is 65.69%

SEX RATIO: Sex ratio of Meerut is 885 females per 1000 males

CLIMATE: Meerut has very hot summers and very cold winters. Temperature in summers can reach 48 degree Celsius. Lowest temperature recorded is 0.5 degrees. Rainfall is good and about 80 cm to 100 cm per annum, which is suitable for growing crops.

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I am interested to visit merrut city of U.P. Anybody guide me how i go there... ?
Rajesh kumar