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Fast Facts Sonipat

TOTAL GEOGRAPHICAL AREA: It covers a wide area of Haryana about 2260 sq km.

POPULATION: The latest information about Sonepat tells that it's population at present is about 10,64,000 may be covering the more than half population of Haryana.
  • Males 5,67,901
  • Females 4,77,257

  • STD CODE: 130

    LITERACY RATE: Higher than the average literacy rate i.e. about 72% Male literacy is 77%, and female literacy is 66%.

    CLIMATE AND WEATHER: Climate of Sonepat is hot and dry in summers and cold in winters. It is but obvious to have such kind of climate as it lies in North India and moreover winters are more chilling there as it is the neighbor of Delhi.

    TEMPERATURE: In Sonipat the winters are chilling in the day time also and more chilling in the night time, here the coldest month is the January. In January the temperature can fall to 6 to 7 Degree Centigrade or it can goes to the freezing point of water. In the summers, are too hot and dry the temperature can reach upto 47 Degree centigrade and the hottest month is the May and June.

    RAINFALL: Rainfall can never be guessed, it is the gift of Monsoons and change always occurs in the Monsoons every year, but annual rainfall of Sonipat is about 75%.

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