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Website and Reviews of Gadget Clinic

Powai Plaza, Shop No 157, 1st Floor, Near Heeranandani Garden, Kanjurmarg, Mumbai
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Free pick up and drop facility branches in Powai, Ghatkopar, BKC, Malad
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Reviews and Rating of Gadget Clinic Mumbai

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A few days before my HTC charging point were not working properly. So I contacted to the HTC mobile service center. Within given the time they had repaired my HTC mobile and were working very well. But later time I got the same problem and I again went to the service center and checked the mobile. They again repaired it and charged me some more charges. I am very disappointed with HTC services. 03 Jul 2015
Last Monday I went to HTC mobile phone service center with my father. Actually, I want to purchase the new hi-tech mobile. There are lots of hits mobile available in this service center. But I liked the HTC 620 model and the price of this mobile is 13000 rupees. My father gave the payment and purchased the new mobile phone. I am very happy with HTC mobile phone services. 03 Jul 2015
Nitin vermaNitin verma
I have purchased the new HTC mobile phone from htc mobile service center. After some days my new hi-tech mobile phone was totally hang. So I went to htc mobile service center and checked the htc mobile. They just update the software and no charged taken by me. Now my htc mobile phone is working properly. I am very glad with their services. 03 Jul 2015
I am using HP printer before seven months. I have bought this printer from the Gadget Clinic. Starting the printer was working very well, but last month it created some problem. Then I have contacted the HP Authorized Service Center in Mumbai. They have checked the issue of printer and solve the problem. At this time my printer is working properly. I am fully impressed with this service. 30 Jun 2015
Hello guys, this is a great experience in my life. I am fully satisfied with the HTC service. Before five months, I have bought an HTC desire 820 from the Gadget Clinic. But last week, there was some problem in mobile phone. Then I checked this mobile from the HTC Mobile Phone Service Center. They have solved the problem of my phone. 29 Jun 2015
Hello friends, I had bought an Apple IPhone from the Gadget Clinic. I am very impressed with its amazing look and gorgeous features. But last month I have faced some problem with my Apple IPhone. Then I have contacted the Apple IPhone service center. They have checked the issue of my mobile and solved the problem. I am satisfied with Apple iPhone Service Center. 17 Jun 2015
I am using Apple Mac Mini from the last eight months. It worked very well with in 4 or 5 months. But the last few months, this is not working properly. Then I went to its service center. They properly guide me and resolve my apple Mac mini problem very well. I am much satisfied with their services. 27 May 2015
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