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Website and Reviews of IP Lex Global Services

82, 21st Main, 2nd Floor, Above Sri Krishna Stores, BSK 2nd Stage, Banashankari, Bangalore
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Reviews and Rating of IP Lex Global Services Bangalore

Very Good
38 Reviews
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I am Gloria from Hong Kong, we are satisfied with prompt, good and highly responsive services from Mr. Nagaraja B.S of IP Lex Global Services. Highly Recommended! 31 Jul 2014
I am Nancy from China, we have taken services from Mr. Nagaraja B.S from IP Lex Global Services. Services have been prompt, good and responsive. Highly Recommended! 31 Jul 2014
We approached Mr. Nagaraj from IP LEX GLOBAL SERVICES for our global trademark registration. They offered global trademark search & it helped us to strategize Trademark Registration in countries. It helped us to save more than 10,000 USD. 19 Feb 2014
Tanveer SetTanveer Set
We approached MR. NAGARAJ from IP LEX GLOBAL SERVICES for our trademark opposition in Europe. He was quite smart to understand the issue quickly and gave a solution. It saved us 3000 euros. I truely recommend anybody looking for hassle free trademark services. 19 Dec 2013
Firstly, i would like to thank Mr. Nagaraj from IP LEX GLOBAL SERVICES for the best professional services rendered to us. I got introduced tothrough one of my friend. I can arguably say one of the best lawyer to meet in my 20 yrs business. Mr. Nagaraj has a great understanding of the business trends, scenario across various domains. He was able to grasp and advise very quickly on complex issue. 19 Dec 2013
Myself Mia, I am the General Counsel of American MNC. We have worked with IP Lex for 12 months on contract management services. We had a great time, Nagaraj was excellent in managing things and making it simpler for us. They were good in commercial drafting, reviewing, managing and docketing contracts. It is worth to hire, very trustable. I am looking forward to work with them again. I Recommend. 12 Nov 2013
Sanjay GuhaSanjay Guha
Our International Trademark Application in Australia had got objected.. approached Nagaraj from IP Lex..he advised and replied for Trademark objection.. it got cleared.. Highly Recommend IP Lex 20 May 2013
Prashanth BhushanPrashanth Bhushan
Part 2

he was able to impress in the first meeting & he is maintaining our portfolio of 100 trademarks across the globe.. highly recommend IP Lex
20 May 2013
Prashanth BhushanPrashanth Bhushan
Part 1

We were looking for efficient and highly dependable Trademark Lawyer from Bangalore.. had approached several big law firms,they were unimpressive..i met Nagaraj from IP Lex..
20 May 2013
Oleg FilevOleg Filev
We had filed 10 US Trademark applications, all 10 of them had got objected.. approached Nagaraj from IP Lex... he was able to give quick advise & provide necessary reply to them and got all 10 accepted.. Highly recommend .. 10/10 20 May 2013
We were looking for legal advise on Importing luxury items from Dubai approached Nagaraj (we had several doubts on parallel import). He gave us the advise and we were shocked to see it was a clear case of Parallel Import.. Highly Recommend IP Lex 25 Apr 2013
Launched new website, we got Terms of use and privacy policy at affordable price & high quality. I strongly recommend IP Lex 03 Apr 2013
I started a new venture with innovative idea, however i had several questions on IP, tried with a bigger law firm found advise not sound. Later i met Nagaraj from IP Lex, gave superb solutions how to approach, business model including contracts. 03 Apr 2013
We had filed few trademarks in US, objections were raised, approached Nagaraj from IP Lex Global Services... responses were filed quickly & got our trademarks registered. 03 Apr 2013
We registered 5 trademarks in India, USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Singapore and other gulf countries through IP Lex Global Services. Found reliable & economical. Strongly recommend IP Lex 03 Apr 2013
We were looking for a knowledgeable & highly reliable Intellectual Property lawyer. Once we met Nagaraj from IP Lex Global Services, we got educated a lot on IP laws, especially we had lot of queries on Trademark. I strongly recommend IP Lex 03 Apr 2013
CEO, Freelance Website – USACEO, Freelance Website – USA
IP Lex Global Services provided exactly what I wanted in exactly the amount of time I needed it. Responses to my requests and input were well-received and acted upon promptly and professionally. Any future work, it will be offered to IP Lex. 22 Mar 2013
CEO, Freelance Website – CanadaCEO, Freelance Website – Canada
“Who needs to deal with western Lawyer when you got such affordable talent in India.” 22 Mar 2013
 CEO, Freelance Website – USA CEO, Freelance Website – USA
“IP Lex Global Services efforts quickly achieved desired result and I was very happy with work.” 22 Mar 2013
 CEO, IT Company – USA CEO, IT Company – USA
“ Provided excellent result! Highly recommended. ” You can depend on IP Lex Global Services 22 Mar 2013
CEO, Game Software – EstoniaCEO, Game Software – Estonia
“Excellent job, after posting project it was completed by the next morning. Looking forward to working with you in the future. “ 22 Mar 2013
 Restaurant Owner – Australia Restaurant Owner – Australia
“Great work I would highly recommend IP Lex Global Services. Will be using again A+ “ 22 Mar 2013
 CEO, Home Services Company – Australia CEO, Home Services Company – Australia
“Great value for money, first to choose and glad I did. Very professional and relevant document… thanks!!” 22 Mar 2013
 CEO, Big Group – Excl. Distributor – Saudi Arabia CEO, Big Group – Excl. Distributor – Saudi Arabia
” I will for sure recommend everyone who is looking for an expert hard working lawyer, friendly, and accurate to deal and do business with IP Lex Global Services. They are for sure one of the best and the one we need.” 22 Mar 2013
 CEO, Ace Armor Private Limited – India CEO, Ace Armor Private Limited – India
“Reliable, Professional, and Dependable!” 22 Mar 2013
CEO, Market Research – UKCEO, Market Research – UK
“Quite a good professional. There were some issues in the work initially but everything was corrected promptly. Contractor provides good immediate feedback.” 22 Mar 2013
Business Owner - CannadaBusiness Owner - Cannada
It has been a pleasure working with your company; I got timely responses on questions/concerns and got exactly what I needed in short time. 22 Mar 2013
We got our patent registered in USA. For quick, cost & quality contact IP Lex Global Services. 22 Mar 2013
Got solutions for ecommerce website like Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Vendor Agreements, Trademark & Copyright Registration. Highly recommended. 22 Mar 2013
We were looking to file Design registration for our electronic products, approached IP Lex Global Services, they provided easy and efficient procedure, we got the design registration for all our 10 products. Strongly recommend 22 Mar 2013
A registered trademark of our company got a notice & rectification filed by a third party. Strategic, decisive and quick approach of Mr. Nagaraj from IP Lex Global Services ensured we could save the registered trademark. Very timely and efficient. 22 Mar 2013
We had filed trademark through a lawyer in Mumbai. However, there was an objection, it required immediate response, approached Nagaraj from IP Lex Global Services, within a day it was responded and got us trademark registered. 22 Mar 2013
We were looking for complete legal solutions to our franchise business, in the mean time we found IP Lex Global Services, they provide excellent services on IP, Contracts, Due Diligence and Compliance for all franchise needs. Strongly reccomend 22 Mar 2013
We wanted to enter multi luxury brand retail segment for products from UK and Europe, had several questions on parallel import, custom and transaction. We met Nagaraj and he was able to give far superior advise, we had tried another bigger law firm. 22 Mar 2013
We wanted several vendor agreements & file trademarks in India & USA. Got things done pretty quickly with quality. I highly recommend to all. 22 Mar 2013
We wanted to file 10 trademarks in USA, got instant solution, completed in a day, very economical and effective 22 Mar 2013
We got total solutions for all our corporate legal matters. I strongly recommend to everybody. 22 Mar 2013
One of the excellent Corporate & Intellectual property law firm to have on board for all legal matters. 22 Mar 2013
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