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Jainee Gandhi, E-83, Bina Aprtments, Mv Road, Mumbai


www.imagedgeacademy.com Website

About Website: Imagedge Academy is an Association Drove by Jainee Gandhi that Intends to Mentor, Bolster, Improve, Prepare, Further, Empower And Each Other Word that Implies Including Esteem, in the Space of Image Consulting Industry And Services. Our Vision is to Have an Important Effect in the Lives of Individuals Around the Globe by Either Helping Them Straightforwardly or Preparing Them to Mentor Others in Associations Appearance, Conduct, And Correspondence. Our Enthusiasm Isn't to Recently Run a Business Endeavor Driven Exclusively to Make Benefits to the Detriment of Our Customers.

Deals in: Imagedge Academy, Traders, Image Consultant Training, Personal Stylists Consultants, Corporate Image Consultants, Image Consultants

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