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About Website: Alternate Contact No : 03340079992, 03340079993 Fax No: 03322806111 Toll Free No: 18003453339 RSA TOLL FREE No: 1800 345 3322 Medicare TPA Services India Pvt Ltd provides personalized, high-quality health benefits management programs and related outsourcing services to Insurance providers in Country. With several years of experience, The Company has become one of India’s major third party directors, with a popularity for versatility, impressive services, excellent client support, and other unique benefits. The Company currently provide advantages to Over 25,00,000 associates in India.

Deals in: Claim Administration Services, Medical Management Services, Health Benefit Administration Programs, Health Benefit Outsourcing Services, Insurance Third Party Administrators, TPA Services, Third Party Administration Services, Medicare TPA Services India Pvt Ltd, Business Enterprises

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6, Paul Mansion Road, Bishop Lefroy Road, Kolkata


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