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About Website: Here is DR Apurba Gangulys AG Electro Pulse Therapy and OPTM Which not Only Vows to Cure but has Cured Indeed Over a Million Patients all Over the World, I Oral Medicines are Not at all Used

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Reviews of www.optmhealthcare.com

Please to inform my successful completion of my treatment in OPTM Health Care. The unique protocol has helped me stand on my feet. My diagnostic report shows normal study. Wish OPTM and its entire family all the success in the coming years

Amitava Roy

My Father was suffering from Osteoarthritis of knee joints for last six years. He was taking pain killers daily for temporary relief.My friend advised me to have a treatment from OPTM health care for my father. My father started a treatment from OPTM. Now he has no pain and he always goes for walking every day. Just because of you my father is living his life pain free. Thanks OPTM Health Care.

Rahul Aaron

I am thankful to OPTM Health Care and Dr Apurba Ganguly. The method of treatment is very different from other hospitals and effective also.
They provide the natural process and natural medicines for treatment. I am suffering from Migraine and used to have sever headache but the therapies really helped me for reconstruction from migraine.


OPTM Health Care helped me in recovery of mental and physical trauma. My right leg broke down in an accident. After a surgery also it was not moving properly. I thought I am disabled for lifetime. I joined OPTM and in 4 months all my pain was gone and I am able to move and walk.

Ajith S

OPTM Health Care is the best place for pain and stress related diseases. It not only cures the disease but also remove from roots for long term relief.This is the best healthcare clinic in the world. I am also taking my treatment from OPTM heath care and I am improving day by day.

Updesh Kumar

OPTM Health Care has reminded the old days where only herbal medicines were implemented. We used to listen about such medicines from our grandparents. But when I visited OPTM for my joint pain treatment a positive energy came inside me that I will be getting free from pain. In 50 days of regular checkups and using ointments I am felling relaxed.


OPTM Health Care is playing a vital role in medicine for osteoarthritis patients. The use of technology with herbal medicine is useful for treatment. My wife took the treatment for arthritis from OPTM and she is recovering fast. Thanks to OPTM health care.


I had the problem of frozen shoulder. Due to this I was not able to lift anything nor I was able to move my arm. After 3-4 months of time it was so painful that I was not even able to write. Then I went to OPTM Health Care. They called me daily at the center for therapy and massage by using some herbal medicines. And they also gave creams to apply thrice a day. But now I am able to move properly.

Ramit Khurana

Excellent treatment by OPTM Health Care in Kolkata. I was suffering from survical pain from about an year. I consulted doctor and he told the reason behind it was due to regular sitting job in front of computers. He suggested me to go at OPTM Health Care Center for treatment. I went there for my treatment. I started my treatment and in only 15 days of time I started felling relaxed. Thanks to OPTM.


After a vehicle accident I went in to have physical therapy done for my frozen shoulder. I have had physical therapy several times in my lifetime but this center is absolutely the best. This is the first time I have really felt that my time in physical therapy was worthwhile and I highly recommend this center. Nine weeks later I am able to work properly and my shoulder continues to improve every week. My diagnostic report shows normal study. Thanks to OPTM. I had great experience.

komal puri

My grandmother was suffering from back pain. She was not able to sit without support. We took her to OPTM Health Care center. They started the treatment with small exercises and a massage on her body. After three weeks, she is getting relief in pain and the Dr. has given herbal creams to apply 3 times a day. She can walk herself now. Thanks to OPTM.


Really now a days there is no place where you get natural treatment. The OPTM Health Care is offering services and medicines which are difficult to get in purest form. It is setting a new benchmark in field of Herbal medicine. Thanks to doctor for my treatment.


I got a very bad back pain when i my foot in the wet floor, after that only i rushed to many doctor for treatment, but all my efforts got futile, at last i tried OPTM Health Care, They provide me physiotherapy sessions, which help me to recover the pain. Thank you so much.


I had pain in my knees from past 2 years. My friend told me about the OPTM Healthcare, She had given me a very nice feedback. One day I decided to visit OPTM healthcare, they provided me expert guidance and a effective way out of my knee problem without much depending on toxic medicines and surgeries. They prescribed me a series of exercises to get relief. I appreciated there services.

sneha kumar

Thanks to OPTM Health Care for making my brother free from depression. He did not get the job for 2 years after his BTech and lost all hopes. He was so depressed that he made an attempt for suicide. We took him to OPTM Health Care for treatment for sessions, therapies. He is now good and also he has started his business.


I feel good to share my views that the specialists at OPTM Health Care helped me in recovery from headache as I am suffering from Headache. The daily massage given by them with electro-therapy was very useful and have reduced my pain to a large extent.


I visited the Koltata branch of OPTM Health Care in Feb 2015 for the treatment of Survical pain. The pain started a year ago as I am working in an IT company and had a sitting job. I went to OPTM , they treated by using some naturally prepared creams and ointments and exercise and therapies. Glad to thank them as results came out in 3 months.


OPTM Health Care is best for treating knee injury as it helped my grand father to walk after 3 years. Many doctors suggested him knee replacement but OPTM Health Care conduct physiotherapy sessions and now he can walk properly. Thanks To OPTM heath care You provide us the best services.

hema narang

OPTM Health Care is best for treating back pain as I have severe backache from two years. I have gone through severe physiotherapy sessions but my pain didn't went. Then I visited OPTM Health Care , they suggested me certain herbal medicines. Now I am free from back pain.

Gunjan Yadav

I was feeling helpless and hopeless from past 2 years because of my constant failure in my career. Professional life may be tough, and its perfectly normal to feel sad or irritable or depressed in your struggling period. OPTM healthcare provided me medical help and motivation sessions are also available here. We are more power than we think.

kusha chand

I have been suffering from joint pains from past six months, I have visited many physiotherapy centers but there was no relief after the sessions also. Then I decided to visit OPTM Health Care. OPTM Health Care conducted certain physio therapies and I am now free from my joint pain.

Meher Mishra

My brother is suffering from Migraine from last one year. He tolerates severe painful headaches many times in a day. Sometimes his headache accompanied with vomiting, nausea and sensitivity to flash of sound and light. After attending various sessions of Migraine relief from OPTM Healthcare, my brother Anurag is in good health now.

Divya Chaddha

I would like to mention just a word of appreciation that is Thank you to Dr Apurba Ganguly and his team of doctors for giving relief in pain and Knee Symmetry of my father in a short period of time and understanding and cooperating with me at times when I was very rude to staff of OPTM. Once again thanks to OPTM Health Care.


I am working in multi national company and due to hectic schedule, I gained weight and there is excess deposition of fat around my stomach which is hard to lose. So I went OPTM Health Care, they provided me certain sessions for 5 months. Now I am again back to my normal shape. I am thankful to OPTM Health Care.

Shallu Jolly

Wishing OPTM Health Care all the best for more success. The doctors and staff are doing excellent in field of medicines from plants.The use of organic medicines directly effect the body and give good results because there are no chemicals used and these medicines have no side effects.


Medicines are in use from ancient times but the way OPTM Health Care has optimized these medicines is really valuable and helpful for relieving pain and stress. OPTM Health Care take care his patient in a efficient manner and provide a lot of services.


Taking treatment from OPTM Health Care was different from other doctors. The reason was that they are using natural creams, oils and therapies which is directly giving to the body. My grandmother had taken treatment for knee symmetry and in 3 months she got relief of the problem she was suffering form last 8 years.


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