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Jatin Mishra, Iris House, 16 Business Centre, Nangal Raya, Dda Complex, Pin Code – 110046, Delhi


www.orientbell.com Website 44 486173

About Website: About Orientbell Our Story of Grandeur And Decorating Spaces Came Alive in the '70s, And Since Then, Many Memorable Chapters Have Been Written, And We Hope it is a Never-ending Experience. by Our Customers' Love And Loyalty, We Have Become the Largest Manufacturing Brand of Ceramic And Vitrified Tiles. Dedicated to Providing Tiling Solution for Better Sustainability, We Have Positioned Ourselves at India's Heart, With the Headquarters in New Delhi. Our Foundation the Four Pillars of Our Brand: Vision, Experience, Innovation And Foresightedness Have Not Only Helped Us Grow And Achieve Trajector

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