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About Website: RailTel Corporation of India Limited (Government of India enterprise) is one of the leading service provider of broadband and VPN services in India. RailTel Corporation of India was established in the year of 2000 with the purpose of creating nation-wide high speed internet, telecommunications and multi-media network, to modernize Train Control Operation and Safety System of Indian Railways.Our services include Carrier Services(Managed Lease Line, NLD for Voice Carriage, Managed Colocation), Enterprise Services ( MPLS-VPN, Internet, Telepresence, Data Center and Cloud Services) etc.

Deals in: Broadband Internet Service Providers, Train Control Solutions, Train Control Systems, DWDM Transmission Systems, SDH Transmission Systems, Multiprotocol Label Switching Routers, Managed Leased Line Networks, National Long Distance Services, NGN Networks, Managed Colocation Services, MPLS VPN Services, Network Management Systems, RailTel Corporation of India Limited, Business Enterprises

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4th Floor, Chief Administrative Officer Block, CAO/CN/MS, EVR Periyar Salai, Chennai


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