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Rakesh Kumar Sharma, C-8, Commercial Complex, Safdarjung Development Area, Delhi


www.srf.com Website 44 380485

About Website: SRF Limited is one of the India's largest manufactures of chemical based industrial intermediates. It was established in the year of 1970 when its parent company DCM decided to set up a individual enterprise to produce nylon tyre cord fibres. Today the company provides Technical Textiles, Chemicals, Packaging Films and Engineering Plastics business in India. The company is prepared with state-of-the-art R&D features, for procedure enhancements and service. A champion of the famous Deming Program for its tyre cord business, SRF switches into TQM as a control way.

Deals in: Manufacturers, Chemical Manufacturers, Dye Intermediate Manufacturers, Packing Film Manufacturers, Engineering Plastic Manufacturers, Technical Textile Manufacturers, Nylone Tyre Cord Fabric Manufacturers, Polyester Tire Cord Fabric Manufacturers, Belting Fabric Manufacturers, Coated Fabric Manufacturers, Laminated Fabric Manufacturers, Industrial Fabric Manufacturers, SRF Limited, SRF Limited Registered Office, Artificial Fur Cloth Exporters, Acid Exporters, Bag Laminated Fabric Exporters, EVA Laminated Fabric Exporters, Formic Acid Exporters

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