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About Website: Alternate Contact No : 08912762580, 08912762581, 08912762582, 08912762583, 08912762584, 08912762585 Fax No: 08912762586 Steel City Securities Limited is an ISO Certified Company in India. The Company has started its business in 1995. Now, the company is one of the pioneer retail stocking company in the South India. The Company has the operations in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Orissa. The Company provides the services such as Currency Derivatives, Capital Market, Commodities, etc. The Company has more than sixty branches and about two fifty broker locations throughout in India.

Deals in: Mutual Funds, Commodity Brokers, Equity Shares, Commodity Merchants, Share Trading, Stock Brokers, Steel City Securities Limited, Finance

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08912762579, 9866059221


Ramesh Babu, 49-52-5/4, Sri Kanya Towers, Santhi Puram, Visakhapatnam


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