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Gaurav Pachauri, Churchgate, Mumbai


www.wemarkindia.com Website 45 376724

About Website: Looking for Dynamic Mystery Shoppers All Over India. We Are Premium Mystery Shopping Company With 100+ Brands As Clients

Deals in: Mystery Shopping Companies, Mystery Shopping, Wemark India, Business Enterprises

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Reviews of www.wemarkindia.com

Great quality of services provided by Wemark India. Would like to recommend and hire them again. Great Work.

Ram Verma

Yes i am 100% agree with Ram Verma, Wemark provides a quality service.

ajlan shah

My experience with Wemark India has been beyond my expectations. It really helped me in knowing the perspective of the customers regarding the services provided and i must share that since the day i have made the changes as per their review of the services. I have been able to achieve customer satisfaction which is well evident from the increased footfall in the store.

abhay vishvas

True professionals, Very hardworking and dedicated. Their team is just fantastic.

Manish Joshi

If you are serious about your business and want to make a good understanding between you and your customers, Then you should go for the services, provided by Wemark India.

Pervinder Singh

Wemark is famous for mystery shopping, internal audits and market research. For auditing, they have latest techniques that can do all your auditing work in a very short time. Those techniques, used by wemark is really appreciable.

Unnati Tejwani

The team of Wemark India understands the market and its current trends. They were very helpful when we needed to make difficult decisions.

Anurag Wadhwa

Great service rendered by Wemark. Surely recommend the company.

Shipli Vats

Best mystery shopping provided by Wemark. I am totally satisfied.


Wemark India assess customer experience on product and services, on the basis of it provides high quality services and meets the customer requirements.

kesav kumar

Mystery shopping is a best way to get your customer service feedback and to improve your business and Wemark mystery shopping is an expert in it. A great quality of service they provided. Well done.

Vikas Khandelia

Wemark provide all that we need to improve our business. The services like Mystery shopping, Internal audit, Market research etc is really very beneficial for our business expansion and improvement. Wemark understand the need of todays market trend and strategy. They are very helpful.

Tarun Patil

My experience with Wemark's Mystery shopping service has been very Beneficial for my business. The service is also very helpful in monitoring the customer service we offer. I implemented so many new things in my business to improve the customer service. I want to thank Wemark India for providing such a great service.

Keshav Mittal

There is no doubt that Wemark is the best Mystery shopping company in India. It provides very effective services to improve customer services which eventually turns into long term profile. I really want to thank them for there dedicated services.

Aman Prasad

I used Wemark's Mystery shopping to review my company customer service. We offer and I found so many weak points which can not be come in our sight without mystery shopping. The service provides by Wemark India is just amazing. I want to thank to thank them for providing such a great assistance.

Aaksh Kohli

I used Wemark's Mystery shopping to review my company customer service. I found so many weak points which can not be come in our sight without mystery shopping. The services provides by Wemark India is just amazing. I want to thank them for providing such a great assistance.

Aakash Kohli

I used Wemark India best mystery shopping company that really help me in my business growth and also I am able to increase my profit with customers satisfaction.

Nidhi Sharma

Wemark India is best mystery shopping company. I am a mystery shopper and with the help of this company i am able to increase my profit and also satisfy our customer. This will be helpful for my business to reach peak high.

poonam sharma

The best mystery shopping company in Delhi is wemark India. I am completely satisfied for the services that wemark provide. There are lots of Mystery audit done by this company.

Tannu singh

Wemark India is best mystery shopping company in India. Mystery Shopping provides an insight into what happens when prospective buyers are in contact with your sales and customer service teams. I am working with this company and I am completely satisfy with this best mystery shopping company.

Ankit Jaiswal

Wemark really helps in building a successful business, as the services offered by them are very useful for any kind of business. You can monitor your services to customer with mystery shopping services and can make a good customer relationship. I am very happy and satisfied with the mystery shopping service by Wemark.


Wemark India is really doing a great job now a days. The main feature of this place is that you can buy anything you want under one roof. qualitative Products, I am 100% satisfied and happy with their services and want to hire again. Their products are customer oriented.

Jiya Kahn

In my Gym I had used all the modern equipments and with that some instructors too. A friend of mine told me that I should take the services of WeMark, to get a feedback on the quality and service of my Gym. So the representatives told me that whenever a new guy comes, then a formal talk about the correct ways of exercising should be given.


I am Binisha and I am a second year student. A friend of mine told me about this interesting website called wemark that deals in mystery shopping. I also joined it and I must say that it is a really cool way to earn pocket money. They have a very transparent system and transfer the payment on time. I recommend it to all the college students who want to earn pocket money.


Wemark is one of the top most audits and mystery shopping company. The concept of mystery shopping is really good and worth praising as it helps the companies to understand which employees are more valuable to them. I am new of the client of Wemark and is really satisfied with their mystery shopping services.


I have been associated with Wemark over the years and I must say they have all the time amazed me with the accurate and excellent result. Their cost effective manner of providing the services is what I am really found of. They help the companies to analyze the best employees and also make them aware of the increasing demand of the consumer.

kapil kumar

Services: 8/10 expert services to various sectors, staff: 9/10 true professionals, very hardworking and dedicated, friendly.

mahima tyagi

Wemark also provide amazing market search facilities. Apart from that they offer various audit services as well. They also aim at providing maximum satisfaction to the clients.

simran khurana

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