7 Effective Yoga Asanas For Hair Growth

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By Karan Bolar on 22 Jul 2022 |
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7 Effective Yoga Asanas For Hair Growth

Yoga has plenty of holistic health benefits. These old fitness techniques, which are also a way of life, have been known to protect inner and mental health and give cures to hair and skin issues. If you are someone who is tired of short hair and desires for your hair to be healthy and longer, there are many yoga asanas that can actually assist with hair growth.

In fact, yoga for hair growth and good health has been getting some notability around the world due to the excellent results it seems to achieve. Here are a few yoga asanas that not just promote hair growth but will also assist in decreasing hair fall and improving their health. Have a look!

Best Yoga Exercises That Help Your Hair Grow

1. Balayam Yoga Mudra
The procedure of rubbing your nails against each other is better known as Balayam yoga. It is one of the best and simplest ways to reduce hair fall. For this, you just need to practice this asana every day for at least 5-10 minutes. When you rub your fingernails, there is a nerve ending below it that incites your brain to send a signal to revive damaged or dead hair follicles. Balayam Yoga also assists in stimulating the blood flow to your scalp, reducing hair problems such as dandruff and premature greying.

2. Vajrasana
Vajrasana, also known as the thunderbolt pose, is simple yet quite powerful. It deals directly with stomach-related issues, which you may believe have a large part to play regarding hair loss. As per studies, poor gut flora can cause thinning of hair and eventually lead to hair loss. Vajrasana assists relieve and curing a lot of these issues and help digest your food better. This benefits hair growth as nutrients is absorbed by the body better when digestion is in top form. Of course, maintaining healthy diet plans is a must for long, thick, and healthy hair.

3. Adho Mukha Svanasana
Adho Mukha Svanasana, well-known as the downward facing pose, is among the twelve poses which we practice during the Surya Namaskar. It is a transitional resting pose, which increases the blood flow. Because of this, there is a boost in the oxygen reaching the scalp and promotes hair growth. This asana also has many other physical benefits as well. For example, it assists in calming the mind, rejuvenating, and energizing the body.

4. Sarvangasana
Sarvangasana is also a full body exercise that works on different muscle groups. It assists in improving your balance as well as posture. But besides that, this asana increases the blood circulation in your head. Daily practice of the asana has a long-lasting effect on your head and is especially beneficial for thin and dry hair.

5. Kapalhbhati
Kapalhbhati comes from two Sanskrit words: Kapala, which means “skull”, and Bhati, which means “light”. It's a mind-body exercise that rejuvenates, cleanses, and invigorates. These breathing exercises assist cleanse the toxins from the kapal, meaning the entire head or face region, thus promoting better oxygen supply and reducing free radicals, enabling hair growth. Moreover, it assists reduce anxiety and stress, contributing to hair fall.

6. Ustrasana
Ustrasana, or Camel Pose, is a backward bend pose that completely opens up your heart chakra. Do this basic level Vinyasa pose for at least 30-60 seconds. Practice this exercise in the mornings on an empty stomach for excellent results as your body carries more energy from the digested food, enabling you to perform better.

7. Sirasana
Sirasana, also known as the Headstand Pose, is the king of all asanas. This Yoga pose can be done anywhere between 1-5 minutes or even less at your convenience. Try it only when your body is completely ready to take it. This asana requires at least 10-12 hours gap between your last meal and the exercise. So, morning is the finest time to do the asana.

Practicing yoga poses or asanas is the best thing you can do for amazing health benefits, given this ancient Indian fitness form's range of benefits. The yoga poses mentioned above assist improve blood circulation to the head, stimulating hair follicles, improving hair growth, and strengthening the locks. Besides, they also assist reduce indigestion and stress, the two main reasons for hair loss. So, try these yoga poses every day at home to see your amazing health benefits.

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