9 Incredible Benefits Of Regular Exercise At Home

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By Dimple Kumar on 14 Aug 2020 |
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9 Incredible Benefits Of Regular Exercise At Home

Health is a priority for everyone. If you don’t have good physique and health then it is really difficult to survive in this environment. Good health promotes good immunity and this further helps your body to fight against bacteria and viruses. We all know about Darwin's theory. In his theory he clearly stated that 'only the fittest will survive'. And to be fit for all the external happening we need to be fit from inside and this could only be possible if one has a routine of doing regular exercise at home.

To do exercise it is not always necessary to go the gym or outside. You can easily do simple yet effective exercises at home also. Nowadays there are many pages or videos available by experts where they explain very easily how to do simple exercises at home to keep ourselves healthy. Because if we consider current situation it won’t be good to go out. It is better to stay home and perform easy and simple exercises. Exercise is not all about stressing your body, but it is more than that. In your regular exercise at home, you can consider yoga asanas also. Learn simple asanas from online tutorial classes, buy some workout equipment and do 30 minutes of exercise daily. It could be stretched, dancing, Zumba and yoga etc. Any form of exercise which you like, do it for 30 minutes and keep yourself healthy and fit. There are lots of benefits of regular exercise but in this article we will discuss incredible benefits of regular exercise at home during COVID-19.

Incredible Benefits Of Regular Exercise

1. The very first benefit of regular exercise is that, it keeps our body slim and fit. Regular exercise helps in maintaining good physique. It won’t allow extra fats to get the deposit and hence it keeps our body in proper shape and size. Obesity and overweight are the major problem of teenagers nowadays even other age group is also not untouched from this. But if you do regular exercise and bodyweight training at home, then you can help yourself to achieve that perfect body shape and can enjoy wearing your favourite dresses.

2. Now let’s come to health wise benefits. It helps in maintaining a good heartbeat. If you do 30 minutes exercise daily it gives you a healthy heart. You are less prone to any heart diseases and other problems. At the age of 50 to 70 people are more at risk of heart attack, but if you exercise daily then you can very easily save yourself from such serious problems.

3. Regular exercise also maintains the healthy cholesterol level in your body. If you exercise daily without any fear you can enjoy your favorite dishes occasionally. Without thinking about any adverse effects you can enjoy all kinds of food and dishes if you work out daily. Even at the age of 60 or 70s you don’t have to take any medicines and injections to keep your sugar and cholesterol level under control. So if you are above 50 then exercises can be your best remedy to stay fit and fine.

4. Regular exercises, yoga poses for mental health and core workouts at home aren't just easing your body, but also give peace to your mind. Surveys have proven that the person who regularly do exercises for 30 minutes have better mental health than those who don’t do any physical activity. It calms your senses and give you a feeling of calmness and peace. It is really very good for the people who have anxiety or depression. Not just physically but mentally also exercise do wonders for you.

5. It helps in removing harmful toxins from the body through sweating. When we do any exercise, our sweat glands get activated and it helps in removing harmful chemical from the body in the form of sweat. It helps in opening the pores so that the skin can breathe better and it also helps in providing a healthy oxygen level in the body. It also helps your skin to glow and become healthy.

6. Exercises also work as an anti-aging remedy. You must have been using too much of makeup and other products for your skin. But, what if you get to know that without spending so much on products you can achieve that glow and supple skin? Yes, it is regular exercise that can give you that desired glow on your face. Exercising also promotes better metabolism, which helps in many ways. It helps in reaching the adequate amount of oxygen to every cell. It helps in regenerating cells with good regular rate. Hence it delays your aging and keep your body and skin at bay from aging problems.

7. Regular exercising also promotes healthy digestion. It helps in activating the secretions of digestive enzymes in the stomach and gives your healthy eating habits. When you do exercise your body don’t ask for munching all the time because you have a schedule for eating and a planned manner of hunger inducing enzymes. So it is another way of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

8. The most important thing that you achieve from 30 minutes of regular exercise with health equipments at home is that it strengthens immunity of our body. Strong Immunity is really very important for every individual. If you don’t have a good immunity you will fall sick very often. This will directly interfere with your other activities like growth, metabolism and digestion. Due to which you will always be at the back and mercy of medicines and vaccinations. So it is very essential to build your immunity strong and powerful so that your body is always ready to fight any sort of external stimuli.

9. Regular exercise also promotes healthy blood circulation with a good amount of oxygen supply. Through exercise every single cell in our body gets healthy oxygen and blood supply. As a result, our body always feels energetic and active. You must have observed the day when you do any sort of exercise your body feel much active and feel good. Whereas when you don’t do any physical activity your body feels lethargic and lazy all through the day.

So these are some of the benefits of regular exercise at home. Give at least 30 minutes to your body and that it gives you required energy for next 16 to 18 hours.

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