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Getting Around Haldia

Haldia provides an excellent setting and opportunity for the travelers to analyze the wonders and joys of eco-tourism. In the city, there are several beautiful places to visit; here is the list of some popular tourist attractions in the city:

Marine Drive:- One of the most beautiful place Marine Drive is the place where Hooghly and Haldi river meet together and merge with the Bay of Bengal.

Rajbari:- The meaning of word Rajbari is mansion or palace. It is a very beautiful heritage place in Haldia.

Bargabhima Temple:- It was built by the kings of Mayur dynasty in the Orissan architectural style and dedicated to Hindu goddess Tara.

Ramjew Temple:- It was founded by Rani Janaki Devi and is one of the ancient temples of Haldia. This temple is mainly known for the beautiful sculptures of Lord Rama with his wife Sita.

Apart from these, Nayachar, Tamluk Mahishadal, Beliaghata, Geonkhali and Maynagarh are also the famous places.

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