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Culture Jaipur

CULTURE: Jaipur is a land of cultural heritage unfolding the legacy of the royal past. However, Jaipur has joined the parade of metropolitan cities; still there are some traditions and customs in the city, which you will find quite surprising.

CUISINES: Jaipur cuisine is rich like the royalty of Jaipur. In Jaipur, lot of ghee and butter is used in cooking the food. Dal-Bati Churma, Dahi Vada, Mawa Kachori, Besan Ka Gatta, Ker Sangri, Pyaaz Ki Kachauri, Chakke Ki Sabji and Jodhpur Ki Rabri is some of the main attractions of Rajasthani cuisine. Rajasthani Food is usually vegetarian, pure and nutritious.

PEOPLE: People of Jaipur are well known for their simplicity. Though they are rough and tough in their looks yet they are cheerful from heart. They are still untouched by the swiftness of materialism. They love to wear bright colored clothes, silver jewelery is all too common between tribal women. Men wear turbans or pagadis in bright colors.

LANGUAGES: Rajasthani is most spoken language of jaipur. However, Marwari, Hindi and English are also widespread in city.

RELIGION: Majority of people in city follow Hinduism rest are follower of Jainism,Islam, Sikhism and Christianity.

FOLK DANCE AND MUSIC: One can easily found Rajasthani culture in its folk Dance and music. “Ghoomar” is one of the main folk dances of Jaipur in which women flaunts their huge ghagras while dancing. In music Naad, Tanpura, and Sarangi and Morchang are famous among the people.

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