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Fast Facts Jaipur

LOCATION: In the geographical terms the location of Jaipur is 26° 92' N 75° 82 E and lies at an altitude of 431 m above sea level. Jaipur is about 258 km from Delhi. Jaipur is part of the famous Golden Triangle Tourist circuit that includes Delhi and Agra.

CLIMATE: Like other northern parts of India it is quite hot during summer and chilly in winters. The temperature rises to 45 degrees during summer and dips below five degrees during winters. The normal annual Rainfall is 556 mm.

AREA: Jaipur District has an area of 11,152 km² .

POPULATION: Total Population of the city is 6,663,971. Literacy Rate: literacy rate of Jaipur is 76.44.

SEX RATIO: The Sex Ratio of Jaipur is 933 females per 1000 males.

STD CODE: 0141.

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