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Culture Kanpur

Hindi, English, Urdu, Bengali and Punjabi.


Kanpur's eating habits have developed from many influences. People who came and settled in Kanpur brought along with them their tastes. In vegetarian- cuisine we fine a strong Marathi and Punjabi influence, The Lucknowi influence lies in the Non- Vegetarian cuisine and in Sweets the Bengali influence.  Actually, the Kanpur region is famous for Kakori and Boti kababs and in vegetarian Tahri and Nargishi kofta are famous.


Ganga Mela has its own significance among all festival celebrated in Kanpur. Every year it is celebrated in the memories of revolutionaries who were released by British Empire during the first Independence war for freedom in (1857-1858). The festival comes every year after 5 days of Holi. People comes from far flung to take dip in holy ganga.

This festival comes every year in the month of Sarvana. It is celebrated in Dwarka Dhish Temple. Decorated Idols of Radha and Krishna enchants every devotee's heart. Devotees from far places come here to get blessing of Lord krishna.

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