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Fast Facts Nagpur

GEOGRAPHICAL AREA Nagpur covers about 218 km2 of area.

POPULATION: The population of Nagpur is 46,53,171 according to 2011 census.

LANGUAGES The main languages spoken here are Hindi and Marathi.

LITERACY RATE Comparing the literacy rate of the rural population with that of the urban population, it is found that the rural literacy rate is 75.76% whereas that of the urban is 88.75%.

Present sex ratio of Nagpur is about 933 females per 1000 males.

The geographical description of Nagpur will remain incomplete without its rivers and land areas. The most important river that flows across this city is Godavari. Other than it, Kanhan, Wardha, Wainganga and Pench are the rivers that flow in this industrial city.

CLIMATE AND WEATHER The city of Nagpur enjoys a very dry or semi-humid climate throughout the year excepting the monsoon months of June and September. Climate may be as high as 48 degree Celsius. Monsoons take its charge in the month of June. It showers maximum in the months of July and August. However the winters at Nagpur are spine chilling. The temperature hovers around 12 degree Celsius and sometimes even dips down below that level.

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