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Placement Agencies in Kurukshetra

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RRM Group of Institute
Pipli Road
Opposite New Bus Stand, Kheri Markanda Road, Kurukshetra
Placement Agencies, Job Placement Agencies, Education Consultants, Consultants, RRM Group of Institute
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Smart CareerTouch
Pipli Road
Opposite New Bus Stand, Dd Complex, Adjacent to Divine City Centre, Kurukshetra
08398030001  9813230001
Placement Agencies, HR Solutions, Job Placement Agencies, Manpower Consultancy Services, Placement Consultants, Jobs
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Brain Treasure Group
Sector 17
SCO 69, 2nd Floor, Near Cygnus Hospital, Kurukshetra
09896943186  9034075803
Placement Agencies, Brain Treasure Group, Placement Consultants, Job Placement Consultants
Sabri Future Point
Railway Road
1st Floor, Jhansa Road, Railway Road, Kurukshetra
Placement Agencies, Sabri Future Point, Placement Services, Manpower Services, Recruitment Consultants
Sharma Properties
Sector 05
SCO 56, Urban Estate, Sector 5, Kurukshetra
Placement Agencies, Sharma Properties, Property Dealers, Real Estate Agents, Placement Services, Manpower Services
Pragati Foundation
Sector 13
C/o Quera Marketing India Pvt Ltd, Opposite Circuit House, Near Distt Courts, Kurukshetra
09050000881  7015551052
Recruito India
Ambedkar Chowk
2773/5, Near Ambedkar Chownk First Floor Sonu Engg Works, Near Corporation Bank, Kurukshetra
ABC Job Placements
Sector 17
Sco 168, Kurukshetra
Hr Services, Recruitment Consultants, HR Solutions, ABC Job Placements, Manpower Consultancy Services
GCS HR Solutions Pvt Ltd
Birla Mandir
1st Floor, Sardara Singh Market, Birla Mandir Chowk, Kurukshetra
01744270906  9034303903
Jobway Cunsultancy
Old Bus Stand
Sco 92, Near Chotta Bazar, Dr Lalit Clinic, Kurukshetra
Consultants, HR Consultants, Recruitment Consultants, HR Management Consultants, HR Placement Consultants, HR Training Consultants
Ambedkar Chowk
2773/5 Recruitoindi, a Near Ambedkar Chownk First Floor, Sonu Engg Works, Kurukshetra
Jobway, Manpower Consultants, Job Consultants, Job Providers
KKR Job Consultancy
Palika Bazar
Shop No 177, Nera Jindal Park, Kurukshetra
Future Point Solutions
Committee Bazar
Kacha Gher, Kurukshetra, Kurukshetra
HR Consultants, Hr Services, Future Point Solutions
RRM Group of Job Consultancy
Mohan Nagar
Opposite Telephone Exchange, Garg Tower, Pin Code- 136118, Kurukshetra
Kurukshetra Consultancy
Chotta Bazar
Shop No 177, Word 12, Goshala Bazar, Near Shek Chili Ka Maqbara, Kurukshetra
Growth Consultancy Services
Birla Mandir
Growth Immigration Services, 1st Floor, Sardara Singh Market, Birla Mandir Chowk, Pin Code-136119, Kurukshetra
01744310785  9896227906
Part Time Jobs, Part Time Job Consultants, Security Services, Outsourcing Services, Jobs, Growth Consultancy Services
Sai Placement Services
Mohan Nagar
Near Lal Dwar Mandir, Kurukshetra
Mahavir Security Services
Mohan Nagar
Near Jindal House, Pipli Road, Kurukshetra, Kurukshetra
Lifeline Solutions
Mohan Nagar
Mohan Nagar Chowk, Near Post Office, Sadhu Mandi, Opposite Shiv Mandir, Kurukshetra
Successs Mantra
Old Bus Stand
Opposite Kessal Mal, Above Indan Gas Service, Sector 17, Kurukshetra
Placement Agencies in Kurukshetra
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