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Website and Reviews of Nirvyaj Digital Imaging and Diagnostic Centre

1st Floor, Matruchhaya Society, Ganpati Chowk, Agra Road, Above Koutons Showroom, Pin Code: 421301, Kalyan City, Mumbai
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Reviews and Rating of Nirvyaj Digital Imaging and Diagnostic Centre Mumbai

Very Good
10 Reviews
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I went for Sonography to Nirvyaj, The test was done properly. The report was also delivered on time. 11 Jan 2017
It was a good experience that all staff, including are very jolly and helping nature. 11 Jan 2017
My father had an X-ray done from Nirvyaj Diagnostics; he was very satisfied with the services. The clinic was maintained properly, the staff was good, and the test was done with the use of all latest techniques. 11 Jan 2017
Overall experience with the hospital was excellent. I would recommend it to my friends. 11 Jan 2017
Excellent service, I would recommend it to my friends and family. 11 Jan 2017
I would definitely recommend Nirvyaj diagnostics to my friend and relative. The service is quick and satisfying. The center is completely hygienic. 16 Dec 2016
I did CT scan in Nirvyaj. The charges were affordable and gave reports on time. Overall I would say the service they provide was excellent. 16 Dec 2016
Nirvyaj gives quick and best services. The staff persons are very active. Also the reports were given on time. 16 Dec 2016
The center maintained complete hygiene. The staff was co- operative. Though I had to wait for some time, but they regularly kept me updated. 16 Dec 2016
Nirvyaj gives the best services to the patient. I am totally happy with their service and management. 16 Dec 2016
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