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Website and Reviews of SQL School

Flat No 105, H NO C-17, C Block, Madhura Nagar, Hyderabad
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Sai Phanindra T
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Reviews of SQL School Hyderabad

Sai Phanindra TSai Phanindra T 30 Oct 2012
We provide the BEST POSSIBLE REALTIME and COMPLETE PRACTICAL TRAINING on SQL Server DBA and MSBI. For more details and course schedules, please visit:
MadhusudhanMadhusudhan 30 Oct 2012
This online training is very helpful as the instructor (Sai) explains all the options on screen and how it can be used. This online training helps both realtime working on SQL and also switching from one platform to another.
PrashathPrashath 11 May 2015
Best MSBI Training Center. I got trained from this center after checking for reviews @
I thoroughly enjoyed the training. It has been more than 1 month that I completed the training but still got access to their 24x7 Online Lab.
Good Service.
Eshwar JetlaEshwar Jetla 30 Jun 2015
I think this SQL school is better platform to learn T-SQL & DBA. I am really excited to see the way of explaining, giving tasks, clearing doubts, real time project as well as mailing class notes and advanced notes. Out of four institutes I choosed this and my choice is correct. Thank you sir for giving a perfect knowledge.
AnandAnand 30 Jun 2015
I started learning SQL, looking through few websites but it was always had question in my mind, what is the purpose of this query even I had read all the statements and definitions, but after listening through the instructor, I'm able to understand the purpose of each query. Finally, felt good being in this SQL school.
Kalyani SKalyani S 01 Jul 2015
Actually I know bit about T-Sql, but this training brought more clarity to what I 'm trying to do. Really great tips and ideas from tasks too. Training was extremely good and well presented, removed confusion even on tough topics.Thanks to offer such valuable content.
srinivasa pradeepsrinivasa pradeep 02 Jul 2015
This is the Best place to learn DBA, Sai sir having good grip on subject, All sessions are very detailed and interactive. I learnt many subject in simple and easy way through Sai sir. His teaching way is good and he always be good with the students. Thank You Sir.
Shekar KShekar K 23 Sep 2015
The classes you provide are very much in detail and very informative, you have a very planned day to day session but I think the pace of the classes are little too fast for me as I come from a completely non it field, but I guess it would be fine for other attendees, anyways I am trying my best for the practice every day. Thanking you for the wonderful classes you provide.
MounikaMounika 23 Sep 2015
Trainer Mr Sai just rock and I am proud to be one of his students. The way he handle things and explanation of subject is unique. And I am looking forward to learn more subjects from SQL School. The way they management the content in the website, putting everything straight, accepting payments only installments clearly talks about their commitment and service levels.
L.Hari Prasad ReddyL.Hari Prasad Reddy 30 Jun 2016
This the best place to learn T-SQL and DBA not only theoretically good but also real-time practically easy to understand. Sai our trainer made best ways in teaching. The way he explaining, clearing doubts, giving tasks, mailing every class notes is great. Really thanks Sai for providing wonderful course.
Y.Thulasinath 93Y.Thulasinath 93 30 Jun 2016
Training session has been very much helpful to me. I don't know what is SQL server but now I learn many things, different concepts of SQL server and tips from Mr Sai Phanindra. I heartfully thank him to teach me a lot. I thanks to whole team of SQL School. They are doing great job to the society. Here is the best place to the people who wants to be moulding their lives according to their beautiful dream. Once again thank you Mr Sai Phanindra to his great efforts.
MuneerMuneer 06 Jul 2016
One of the best training institutes I have ever come across. I have taken T-SQL and DBA in SQL School and trainer Mr Sai taught us exceptionally well, his teaching methodology and supportive nature inspired me a lot. One of the unique qualities of the trainer is to encourage students in every class to practice the subject on daily basis, so that students can have good grip on the subject. I had never seen any other institute trainers encouraging students in such a way. I recommend all other students to opt SQL School for their courses and I sincerely thank Mr Sai for putting on his best efforts to teach us in a easy and understandable way.

RishithaRishitha 21 Aug 2016
THE best training institute for SQL, I got trained for T-SQL and DBA sessions. Firstly thank you Mr Sai who helped me to know how beautiful SQL can be. He has trained his students as his own family members, explained the subject in very interesting way, clarifies the doubts numbers of times, mailing every day notes and practice sessions daily, has given real time projects, available at any time for support. He also mailed all the required notes and materials for each and every topic which helped me in gaining more information, thank you SQL School for giving worth knowledge. I 100% recommend this institute for SQL classes.
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