20 Amazing Benefits Of Surya Namaskar For Weight Loss

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By Dimple Kumar on 14 Jan 2021 |
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20 Amazing Benefits Of Surya Namaskar For Weight Loss

Numerous individuals consider that the ‘Surya Namaskar’, or the sun salutation as it is defined in English, is only an exercise that fortifies your back and your muscles. But, individuals frequently fail to understand the benefits of Surya Namaskar for fitness. Surya Namaskar is a complete workout for your whole physical system. It burns your fat, increase stamina and for that you doesn't need the utilization of any equipment. It also helps us in breaking free from the exhaustive and dull schedules of our lives.

What Is Surya Namaskar?
Surya Namaskar is the word from Sanskrit that implies the reverence (Namaskar) to the Sun God (Surya). It's a set of 12 strong yoga or postures asanas that offer a splendid cardio exercise. Every one of these postures remarkably affect the neck, heart, waist, stomach, torso, digestive system, and legs.

How does it help in weight loss?
According to Hindu mythology, the Sun God is worshipped as the major source of all life on earth. All that we eat, breathe, and drink has a component of the Sun in it. Life on earth would not be imaginable without sun. Surya Namaskar in an antiquated way to honour the Sun which is the origin of all the energy on earth. Aside from the mythological significance, Surya Namaskar is practiced as it's a full body exercise. Practice Surya Namaskar is something between the warm-up and appropriate exercise. If you do Surya Namaskar in front of the sun, it's diminished your weight, detox body and improve your wellbeing. As per a research, doing one round of Surya Namaskar burns roughly 13.90 calories.

Benefits of Surya Namaskar for weight loss
To perform Surya Namaskar for weight reduction, you need to rehearse is routinely and consistently. Our body is comprised of three elements- kapha, pitta, and vata. The daily practice of the Surya Namaskar will adjust each of them three. Some more advantages of the exercise incorporate:
Glowing skin
Fortifying of joints and muscles
Good digestive system
Good mental health
Detoxification and blood circulation
Good blood sugar level

How to do the Surya Namaskar for weight loss?
Surya Namaskar is one of the finest ways to reduce weight in a simple way. For this you only need a good space where you can perform Surya Namaskar asana. If you don’t have a perfect space or complete knowledge for Surya Namaskar Asana you can also join the yoga centers. Here is a complete introduction to the sequence you need to follow while doing this asana for weight loss. Spend at least 30 seconds on each posture. Have a look!

1. The Pranamasana or the Prayer Pose
First stand on the forward side of the mat. After that, stand straight with both your legs, spread your shoulders, with the hands close by and relax. Now breathe in and lift both your hands together and bring them Namaskar mudra as you breathe out.

Pranamasana prayerppose

2. Hastauttanasana or the Raised Arms Pose
Now, lift your arms up so that your biceps are set right close to your ears. Now slightly bend backwards and ensure you stretch your whole body.

hastauttanasana raisedarmpose

3. Hastapadasana or Hand to Foot Pose
Next, breathe out and bend down from your waist, ensuring that your back is straight. On the off chance that you are a beginner, you can pick for modification and twist your knees to keep your palms on the floor for help.

hastapadasana footpose

4. AshwaSanchalasana or the Equestrian Pose
Next step, breathe in as you push your left leg back as far as possible while keeping your correct leg between both your palms. Now touch your left knee to the ground and concentrate on pushing your pelvis towards the floor until keeping your back straight and looking upwards.

ashwasanchalasana equestrianpose

5. Chaturanga Dandasana or Plank Pose
Now, bring your right leg in backwards and equilibrium your upper body with both your palms. Your body ought to be straight similar to a stick. Your toes ought to be on the mat. Ensure your arms are perpendicular to the floor.

chaturangap lankpose

6. AshtangaNamaskara or the Salute with Eight Parts
Next step, bring your knees down on the floor, push your hips backwards and sliding forward rest your chin and chest down on the floor. Stay in this posture. Now your eight body parts that are both the palms, both knees, both feet, chin and chest are touching the floor. This is called salutation from eight parts of the body (Ashtanga Namaskar).

ashtanganamaskara salutepose

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7. Bhujangasana or the Cobra Pose
From this pose now raise your chest up by sliding yourself forward. Ensure your hands are bent and you are gazing upward, towards the ceiling. In this pose, your half of the body is in the air and other in on the floor.

meghalayacity images

8. Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward Facing Dog Pose)
From the cobra pose, in this asana lift your waist and hips up keeping your hands and legs on the floor. In this pose, your body should be in “V” shape. Keeping your hands similarly situated now push your feet ahead and get deeper into the posture.

adhomukhasvanasana dogpose

9. AshwaSanchalasana or the Equestrian Pose
Now return to Equestrian Pose, asana number 4, however this time with your right leg. From the downward dog position twist down and bring your left leg in the middle of your palms. Your hand ought to be straight with palms at one place on the floor. Afterward, look up and twist the right toe under.

ashwasanchalasana equestrianpose

10. Hastapadasana or Hand to Foot Pose
Now back to asana number 3, in this pose try to touch the floor with both the palms and your back should be erect. If you are newer, you can twist your knees to keep your palms on the floor. Attempt to straighten your knees and touch your head to your knees. During this position, attempt to keep your palm in one situation by not moving them.

hastapadasana footpose

11. Hasta Uttanasana or the Raised Arms Pose
Now return to the asana number 2, Breathe in while lifting your upper body, join the palms and lift your hands upwards. Now bend backward and stretch your spine.

Pranamasana prayerppose

12. Pranamasana or the Prayer Pose
Now back to asana number 1 where we had started, notice that we made a circle of these 12 postures that related to yoga poses. As referenced in the initial step, breathe out and stand straight, loosening up your body. Lower the arms in front of your chest in a Namaste.

Pranamasana prayerppose

20 Benefits Of Surya Namaskar
Regularly practising of Surya Namaskar increases mental & physical health, decrease weight and provide many health benefits, alongside thought and memory additionally heightens. It has numerous different advantages which are as per the following:

1. Blood circulation increments in all organs of the body.

2. Rehearsing Surya Namaskar strengthens bones.

3. Improves vision.

4. Blood stream within the body is quickened which gives relief in hypertension sickness.

5. The impact of Surya Namaskar falls on the brain, thusly the mind stays quiet and cool.

6. The fat of the stomach is diminished by reducing the weight, so it is extremely useful in decreasing the weight for obesity.

7. Stop hair loss and dandruff.

8. It is very useful in controlling indignation.

9. The waist becomes flexible and the spine gets strong.

10. This asana is useful to treat symptoms causing skin-infections.

11. The waist and arms muscles become strong.

12. The stomach related process improves.

13. It actuates all the muscles, organs, and nerves of the body.

14. Assists with balance the secretions of all the significant organs of the body, for example, the pituitary, parathyroid, thyroid, adrenal, liver, pancreas, and so on.

15. It reinforces all the important functions of the body like breathing, blood flow, restlessness, digestion, excretion, heartbeat, and organs.

16. Plays a very significant role in solving issues related to indigestion, loss of hunger constipation, depression, gas, wrinkles, anxiety and puffiness.

17. Assist to balance Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. Tridosha helps in avoidance.

18. With its daily practicing, blood circulation is intensified and the speed of digestion expands, which makes all the organs of the body solid and functional.

19. It makes all vertebrae of the spine adaptable and healthy.

20. Expands memory and concentration.

Dos and Don’ts of Surya Namaskar

Dos of Surya Namaskar

1. Do adhere to the directions appropriately to keep up the right body pose while holding the asanas.

2. Do rehearse proper and rhythmic breathing to improve the advantages of the experience.

3. Do follow the procedure all together as they are intended to work in a flow, breaking which may cause deferred results.

4. Do rehearse consistently in order to make your body to become accustomed to the cycle and thusly, improve on it.

5. Do drink lots of water to keep you hydrated and energised through the cycle.

Don’ts of Surya Namaskar

1. Try not to hold complicated postures for a really long time as it can cause injury.

2. Try not to jump to repetitions excessively fast, continuously increment the quantity of cycles relying upon how comfortable your body gets with the asanas.

3. Don't get distracted while holding the postures as it can hinder in getting the appropriate outcomes.

4. Don't wear very tight or really loose dress that comes with the method of holding the postures. Always wear comfortable outfit while rehearsing Surya Namaskar.

Doing the Surya Namaskar at a quicker pace than expected is a decent cardio exercise that can help in losing weight. Performing the steps of Surya Namaskar and above mentioned fitness tips for weight loss won't just assist you with keeping your body healthy but will also assist you with accomplishing peace of mind.

Surya Namaskar is an extraordinary yoga sequence for the individuals who are occupied and don't have a lot of time to spend on doing different yoga asanas. Surya Namaskar can be effortlessly performed within 30 minutes and would keep your brain and body revived for the duration of the day.

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