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Food Bhubaneswar

In Bhubaneswar city most of the dishes include rice which is the main crop of the region. People are mostly non vegetarian. Crabs, lambs, fish and chicken are the most popular dishes. Below is the list of famous food of Bhubaneswar :

Maccha Ghanta: - It is the dish of Odiya origin and also the main dish which is made at the occasion of Durga Ashtmi. This dish is mainly made by fish fillets, onion, potato, Bengal gram and cardamom, cinnamon garam masala. Bay leaves spices are also used to make it tasty and delicious.

Bhendi Bhaja: - It is ladyfinger dish which is stuffed with mixture of ginger, garlic and spices paste.

Crab Kalia: - It is one of the very popular seafood dishes of Bhubaneswar, made from fresh crabs and is cooked with gingers, onions, potatoes and lots of spices.

Murg Saagwala: - This dish was introduced during the Mughal period and is made with chicken pieces that are cooked with spinach gravy.

Sweet Dishes: - Below are famous sweet dishes of Bhubaneswar.

Chhena Jalebi: - Chhena Jalebi is a very famous sweet in coastal areas of Orissa made with cottage cheese which is properly kneaded and after that small pretzels made from it, then these pretzels are deep fried with coconut oil and wet with sugar syrup for many hours. This sweet is served both hot and chilled.

Rasmalai: - The word Rasmalai is derived from two words. Ras means juicy and Malai means milk cream. It is also very popular of the city. It is made by yellow balls of cottage cheese which is soaked in clotted cream or rabri with dry fruits. Cardamom is also used for flavor.

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