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Karim's Delhi

In the congested alleys of old Delhi, near Jama Masjid, you come across a food junction where royal food is served in humble presence. Yes, it is the most famous non veg food outlet of Delhi, Karim's. They are an expert of non veg dishes ranging from chicken to mutton.

They carried the legacy of cooking art of their ancestors who were cook of Mughal Emperors in India. Since then the recipes of this delightful cooking had been passed on from one generation to another. After the ending of the Mughal Rule in India in 1857, the Karim's Ancestors fled from Delhi and started residing in Ghaziabad.

In 1911, Haji Karimuddin moved back to Delhi and opened a Dhaba. Finally in 1913 he decided to provide the royal flavor to the masses. Since then be it Delhiwalla or visitors everyone has been “enjoy the royal taste of Mughlai food” at Karims. Karim Hotels Pvt. Ltd. Is being run by the fourth generation under the banner of Dastar Khwan-E-Karim near Jama Masjid. They have other branches in Delhi also.

On weekends the restaurant is full of many fond of Kareem's. Badshahi Baadam Pasanda Curry is one of the special dishes serve at Kareem's which is prepared from lamb and sweet almonds and spices. You can't skip the taste of tandoori chicken while Mutton Burra Kebabs serve you the royal taste. Now come to “Tandoori Bakra” which stands out of rest due to its rate in menu card, costs 4500. It can serve for fifteen people. It is full goat stuffed with chicken, eggs,pistachios,almonds which is cooked under oven. Apart form non veg dishes, they also serve vegetarian food, desserts and ice creams.

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One must visit this place when in Delhi