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About Vijayawada

Vijayawada is one of the cities of Andhra Pradesh, India. The city is situated on the banks of river Krishna. Vijayawada is also known as the third largest city of Andhra Pradesh. The city is beautiful because of the Indrakiladri Hills situated at the west direction and Budameru River at its North side.

As there is major business center can be found so that the city is also famous with the name The Business Capital of Andhra Pradesh. McKinsey Quarterly recognized the city as Global City of the Future. Vijayawada is also known as Andhra Pradesh’s one of the commercial hubs. As per Ministry of Urban Development, Vijayawada is cleanest city.

The name of the city Vijayawada takes the meaning of victory Place of Victory. Behind the name of the city many legends are found. According to one legend the city is related to Hindu Goddesses Durga she killed the demon and took the relax at this place because she won over the demon that means Vijay in hindi so the name of that place become Vijayawada. Another story about the name of the city is related to River Krishna. The Goddesses Krishnaveni made a request to Arjuna to create a way so that she can merge with Bay to Bengal.

As per the Epic of Mahabharata, when the Pancha Pandavas was wandering in the forest. They visited at Darukavana and there they met with Vedavyasa who told them to have Tapascharya for Lord Shiva with the purpose to get Pasupatastra. Arjuna was chosen from Pancha Pandavas to complete this task. He pleased the Lord Shiva by Tapascharya but fulfilling the desire of Arjuna, Lord Shiva wanted to have one test of Arjuna.

So, Lord Shiva became the hunter and goddess Parvati became the huntress. They come in the forest to hunting the boar. The boar came near the Arjuna because the Arjuna is a warrior, he shot the boar with one arrow and same time the hunter shot the boar. Hunter and Arjuna have controversy for the boar on the topic who shot first. On this topic both the hunter and Arjuna got fight with each other, finally hunter won as he was the lord Shiva.

During the entire situation, Arjuna did not lose his mind one-pointedness and devotion for lord Shiva. Arjuna created a Shivalinga to worship it. During the time when he was worshiping the Shivlinga, he noticed the flowers which he was using to worship were falling on the hunter. At last, Arjuna understood that the hunter was none other than Lord Shiva. Thus, hunter appeared in his real face as lord Shiva and gave Pasupatha to Arjuna. Arjuna Supposed there should have Vijayeswara temple. The place came into the existence with name Vijayavatika and with passing the time the name changed into Vijayawada. For this purpose, Arjuna created a Bejjam in mountains. Bejjam takes the meaning of hole. Later this place came to known as Bejjamwada and with passing the time famous with the name Bezawada.

According to the history, the Pusapatis of Vizianagaram’s ancestor named Madhava Varma ruled over the Bezawada. Once, the son of the king killed a child of a woman accidently. The woman got the livelihood by selling the tamarind tree’s fruits. As per the rules of Dharma, the king had to punish the criminal and the criminal was his own son in front of him. So, without caring the relation with his son and to safe the Dharma, the king punished his son. The god Malleswara was pleased with this justice and made a shower of gold on the king as well as returned the life of king’s deceased prince and dead child of the lady. The development of Vijaywada was started during the time period of British rule. The Prakasam Barrage is one of the major projects was completed. The railway bridge was constructed over the Krishna river to get connected with Guntur city and many other improvements were made to develop the city.

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