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Healing Yourself with Your Mind


A doctor or a surgeon, can repair a damaged heart, but never repair a broken heart. It is only YOU, who can do this.


Veg Biryani with Gravy

Trying restaurant style food at home is amazing. But, what if when the same flavor cannot be replicated at home. You get frustrated. Right? Need not to frustrate. Just follow these simple steps.

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My College Days


This Poem is about our college life. My heart gets very Nostalgic whenever i look on those days when we used to sit in our college's sculpture park in cool winter of january. Dedicated all my coll


Frugality And Simple Living

In today's era, living a simple and sustainable life is quite difficult. But still, we can learn from examples. Our beliefs and notions play a very vital role in living a frugal life.

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Pain And Silence


"Sometimes Silence is a good answer" don't you think ? But this pain of silence will kill you slowly, softly and you may even not know it.


Grotal An Amazing Search Engine

Hey guys, i have been using grotal from past one year. And here i am sharing my personal experience with grotal.com in a form of poem.


Ways To Ease The Worries


Are you taking Anti-anxiety Drugs? If yes, then you must read this.


Acknowledge And Forgive

Acknowledge and celebrate your healing. The patterns, the expectancy of pain reoccurring in your life are very high, because we are stuck deep into the patterns of mistakes, faults, and wrongs.


Aloo Anardana Kulcha


Feeling hungry hmm ? Want to eat something amazing ? Why not to go for a Kulcha ? Kulcha is a mouth-watering and delicious Punjabi recipe. Just try it out, you will definitely fall in love with it.


Crying Out

I often think why do we cry? What makes us cry? Why do tears come out of our eyes when we are happy, sad, angry or frightened? Let’s find out.

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