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Fast Facts Yamuna Nagar

STATE: Haryana

LOCATION: Geographical location of Yamunanagar is 30.1°N 77.28°E.

AREA: Whole area that Yamuna Nagar covers is 1756 square kilometers.

STD CODE: 01732

POPULATION: The total population of Yamuna Nagar is 1,214,162 .

LITERACY RATE: City has literacy rate of 78.90 compared to 71.60 of 2001.

SEX RATIO: Sex ratio of Yamuna Nagar is 877 per 1000 male

CLIMATE: Yamuna Nagar experiences variety of seasons such as hot summer, cool winter, and unexpected rainfall. The district also gets occasional winter rains from cyclones.

LANGUAGES: The languages which usually spoken in this area are Hindi and English.

WHERE TO EAT: Yamuna Nagar is situated at the banks of the western Yamuna canal. There are many hotels in this area known for their best services in hospitality, like: Daffodils Plaza, Grey Palican Resort, Hotel Sapphire, Saubhagya Resort.

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