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Madurai Fact Sheet

State : Tamil Nadu

District : Madurai

Madurai Languages : Tamil

Madurai Government Mayor : V.V Rajan Chellappa

Madurai Commissioner : R. Nanthagopal

Madurai Deputy Mayor : K. Thiraviam

Madurai Elevation : 101 m (331 ft)

Madurai Area : 247.47 km2 (95.55 sq mi)

Madurai Municipal Corporation Area : 147.977 km2

Madurai Pin Code : 625020

Madurai Vehicle Registration : TN-58, TN-59 and TN-64

Madurai STD Code : 0452

Madurai Website : www.maduraicorporation.in

Madurai Geography
Madurai district is situated around the Temple of Meenakshi Amman. There are concentric quadrangular streets are built around the temple. The city is redesigned by Vishwanatha Nayak according to the Shilpa Shastras. The society’s rich and higher echelons live to the nearest street of temple and the poorest live in fringe streets. The district is situated at the river of Vaigai that runs in the direction northwest to southeast. At North and West of Madurai, the Sirumalai and Nagamalai hills are situated. The land around the city is arable land for the agricultural activities. The Central Madurai contains the soil of predominantly clay loam type and the soil type of black cotton and red loam can be found at fringes of Madurai. The major crops are Paddy, pulses, oil seeds, millet, sugarcane, cotton, etc.

Madurai Climate
For eight months, Madurai remains hot and dry in the year. Cold winds blow during the month of February and March. March to July is the hottest months of the year in Madurai. August to October contains the moderate climate. November to February, heavy rainy climate and thundershowers with slightly cooler climate remain. Dew and fog can be found during the season of winter. The annual rainfall average is about 85.76 cm of Madurai district. During the season of summer the temperature remains between 26.3 °C to 40 °C and during the season of winter the temperature remains between 18 °C to 29.6 °C. Mostly the temperature remains 40 °C and it is recorded from 2001 to 2010 only during the year of 2004 and 2010, the temperature was 42 °C.

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