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Madurai Religious and Tourist Places

The main religion of Madurai is Hindu but there can be found the other religion people also such as Christian, Muslim, etc. The mostly known places of the Madurai are based on Hindu religion, these places can be explained as:-

Meenakshi Amman Temple: This is a Hindu temple which is situated on river Vaigai’s south side in Madurai. The temple is known as the most famous landmark of the Madurai. The temple is famous for the lord Parvati when she took birth with the name of Meenakshi and her husband Shiva who took birth with the name of Sundareswarer. The temple has 14 gateway towers which have the height of 45 to 50 meter. The temple has two golden sculptured shrines over the main deities’ sanctum. The attraction of the people about the temple is there are approximately 33,000 sculptures can be found in the temple. Mostly the pilgrims come to the temple to find the peace and spirituality. The best part of the temple is that the temple was listed in the 30 top nominees for the New Seven Wonders of the World.

Alagar Koyil:The Temple is situated at 21 km from the Madurai and is dedicated temple to Hindu lord Vishnu. There is natural beauty of forests spread around the temple. Pilgrims used to visit at this temple during the initial days of Sangam age. The mythology of this place is related to lord Vishnu when he came from the heaven for the Goddess Meenakshi to be given away in marriage with Lord Sundareswarer.

Koodal Azhagar Temple: The Temple is situated in the center of Madurai. The meaning of the temple name is Koodal that is an alternate name of Madurai while the Azhaghar reflects the beautiful one. The temple is one of the ancient and nearest of Meenakshi Amman Temple. The temple is one of places of 108 divyadesams of lord Vishnu’ holy abode. The temple has huge idols of lord Vishnu and goddess Lakshmi. The towers of the temple called gopuram which are intricately carved with many gods and goddess. The lord Vishnu with three postures such as sitting reclining above other and standing can be found on the towers. The wood carvings in the temple are exquisite. During the festivals lots of people used to come in the temple.

Thiruparankundram: The temple is located at the 8 km of distance from Madurai. The temple remains full with crowd throughout the year by the devotees. Lord Murugan is dedicated through this temple. During the 8th century, Pandayan King built this temple. The idols of lord Shiva, lord Vinayaka, lord Vishnu and Goddess Durga can be found in this temple. The two dwarapalas are situated at the main entrance of temple which is shrine chambers of lord Shiva and Vishnu.

Kazimar Big Mosque: The mosque is also known with the name as Kazimar Periya Pallivasal. The mosque is located within 500 meters of central bus stand. The Mosque was built by the Hazrat Kazi Syed Tajuddin during the 13th century. Hazrat Kazi Syed got this land from king Pandiya to build the mosque. This mosque is the first mosque in Madurai for the Muslim worshippers. The mosque has enough land that about 2500 people can have accommodation.

Goripalayam Mosque: The Mosque is situated in Gorippalayam. The place name Gorippalayam is famous for two graves of Islam saints named Hazrat Sultan Shamsuddin Badhusha Hazrat Sulthan Alauddin Badusha. The Dargah can be seen at the Northern banks of the river Vaigai. The tomb is a beautiful. The Dargah is attraction of tourists.

Idaikatturshs Church:This church was founded in AD 1894. French missionary Fr. Ferdinand Celle SJ built the church. The church is built with different 200 kinds of moulded tiles and bricks. Beads, garlands and flowers are used to decorate the gothic arches.

Madurai Government Museum: The museum is exhibited with archaeological finds, bronzes, paintings, costumes, etc. There is shady children park for the children to enjoy the park insides.
Gandhi Memorial Museum: The museum was founded in the year of 1959. The Museum is listed in the five Gandhi Sanghralayas. The garments of Gandhi can be found at this museum. The visual biography of Mahatma Gandhi, photos, sculptures, quotations, paintings, manuscripts, 14 artifacts, etc. are the part of exhibition in the museum.

Ayiram Kaal Mandapam:This is the tourist place. The quality of the place that has 100 pillars. The place was built in the initial time period of Nayak Dynasty in AD 1569. The feature of the pillars that these are the musical pillars which produces the various note at each one when tapped.

Thirumalai Nayakkar Mahal: That is the place where the king of Madurai named Nayaka used to live and ruled from 1623 to 1959. The classic fusion of Islamic styles and Dravidian can be found at this place. The place considers as one wonder of south side.

Vandiyur Mariamman Teppakulam: That is a pond near the Vandiyur Mariamman Temple and located approximately 2 km from Meenakshi Amman Temple. During the devotional festivals the pond is used. There are 12 long stairs, these stairs are built with granite at four sides of river.

ISKCON Madurai, Sri Sri Radha Mathurapati Temple: Iskon Temple is the famous temple series of lord Krishna. This series also can be found in Madurai where lots of Krishna devotees came from far away for spiritual peace.

Samanar Hills: This is other place that attracts the tourists. Samanar Hills are also known as Samanar Malai which are located in Keelakuyikudi village and situated at 15 kilometers from Madurai. In Tamil Samanar is called Jain and Malai takes the meaning of hill. There are caves under the hills where the Tamil Jain monks used to live.

Kutladampatti Falls: This is a waterfall which is situated in Kutladampatti village about 30 km from Madurai. The waterfall is located in the reserve forest which is managed via forest department Tamil Nadu. The height of waterfall is approximately 27 metres.

Vaigai Dam: The Dam is constructed across the river of Vaigai. The Madurai people use water for irrigation from this dam. The Agricultural Research Station where research on growing the crops is done that is situated near the dam.

Athisayam Water: That is a water amusement park situated in Madurai. People used to come here for family fun. There are many sports rides and variety of games for the people so that they can enjoy their self.

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